Reducing Health Risks At Home During Lockdown

A lot of British households have been considering home improvements and decor transformation during the 2020 lockdown – I know we did, especially our outdoor space. However, this year, things are different. For many, it is a wake-up call that forces the realisation that the pandemic is here to stay a little longer. Perhaps not forever, but longer than we expected. Therefore, rather than thinking of our homes as an entertaining environment, it becomes essential to establish a health-focused nest. I know I am more focused on self-care more this time than last time. But how can our home help with this?


Here are some thoughts on how your house could become a beacon of health for you and your family, many of which we are doing. 


Consider delivery services whenever possible

Whether you need to restock your fridge or buy prescription medications, you need to leave your home. Shops and pharmacies are some of the areas where you are the most likely to be exposed to viruses, including COVID-19. It could be passed from people who are not wearing masks properly or at all. 

Thankfully, there are alternative solutions to get your shopping done without risking exposure. A lot of shops provide online grocery shopping and delivery slots. You can also reach out to vegetable and fruit box services, which deliver weekly to your door. Many box services also provide household and kitchen essentials. When it comes to the pharmacy, you can consider online shopping on a site such as Simple Online Pharmacy. There you can reach out for prescribed treatments but also off-the-counter purchases and online consultations for medication. All you need to do is register your home as a delivery address. 


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Are we safer together? 

It’s an impossible challenge for many families. Would it be safer to invite your parents to live with you or to let them live in their home? The answer depends on two factors. Firstly, there’s a modification aspect. How much are you willing to modify in your home to make it senior-friendly? Some transformations would be essential for their safety, such as an accessible wet room and the addition of ramps to reduce risks of falls around the house. Depending on your property, it may not be possible to make it accessible and safe for your elderly parents. Properties with narrow staircases, for instance, can’t install stair mobility devices. 


Another issue could be the risk of exposure to diseases. If you or someone in the household needs to commute to work frequently, they could act as an unwilling carrier for further diseases, which could be transmissible to your elderly relatives. 


Make room for more vitamins

Life in lockdown means falling behind some of your essential vitamin supplies. Your access to vitamin D changes. You can address the issue by introducing the outside into your interior, as a way of encouraging your family to go out more often. A covered terrace could provide quick and direct access to natural sunlight. Why not take a break during the day to enjoy a cup of tea on the terrace? 


Another area that could benefit from smart interior updates is the kitchen. Lockdown affects our mood and mind and transforms our diets. The kitchen design can become your health reminder. A fresh decor can be motivating and empowering. Keep your fruit bowl and kitchen herbs visible, and – why not – enhance them through your layout. 


How To Make A Pallet Herb Planter

My herb planter design – find out how to make it here!


Create a workout area

The local gym has shut its doors again. More and more households have been relying on home-based workout plans. But you can also make it easier to stay active at home with smart and elegant gym designs. Contrary to common beliefs, you can create a workout area at home that doesn’t compromise your interior style. A stylish enhancement, such as colourful walls or plenty of natural light and materials, can bring the home gym to life. Ultimately, make it inviting and practical, so you enjoy staying fit at home. 


It’s time to elevate our interior and seize the opportunity to build a healthy household. Stylish decisions, tactical modifications, and smart digital choices would transform your home for the better. \


The only question left to answer is: Which health enhancements would you make in priority? 


Reducing Health Risks At Home During Lockdown



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