Style Your Modern Vintage Home

Style Your Modern Vintage Home” was published in 2013 by FW Media.


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Style Your Modern Vintage Home is an inspirational book for all vintage enthusiasts. It encompasses everything vintage lovers want in one place: every vintage decade, every practical tip for buying, styling, and restoring your vintage homewares, and achieving your perfectly styled vintage home. With ‘real’ homes, ‘real’ people, and ‘real’ affordable items, this book shows you how you can achieve a stylish vintage/modern home too. Vintage enthusiasts can see how these must-have items or styles work in their own homes and how to integrate vintage with modern.

Each chapter covers a decade from the 1920s to the 1990s. Every chapter introduces the fascinating social history from that period and how what was going on in the world influenced the interior homes of that time. The chapters are divided into sub-sections for the main rooms in the house, including, living room, bedroom, kitchen, study, hall, and even the garden, showing the must-have items from those rooms in each period. There are practical styling tips, restoration and cleaning tips, and useful watch-out advice for buying vintage pieces. Although chapters are separated by decade, some styles from different eras may be used alongside each other and so there are useful cross-references to other chapters.

The final section of the book includes a useful and accessible treasure box directory with the best vintage traders, both in the UK and US, as well as further reading should you wish to learn more about the topics covered in this book.

Beautiful lifestyle photography of all of the must-have vintage pieces and real homes make this a fun, stylish, and contemporary interior design book, but also a fascinating read to understand the history behind the pieces in our homes, that all vintage enthusiasts will want to use time and again when decorating their homes.

There is a Foreword by UK singer and actress, Paloma Faith, a vintage style icon both in the UK and US.


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Customer Reviews

This book is a ‘must-have’ buy whether you’re looking at re-styling your home or not. The book includes chapters through the decades with interesting facts about social history of the time, and how it influenced the way we styled our homes. I also love the handy styling and restoration tips including examples of what to look out for when searching for your vintage treasures.

The colourful photographs are very inspiring too, with images of real homes with tips from the home owners about how to achieve the look. It provides heaps of inspiration and ideas.

I’ll always have this book to hand when re-styling or redecorating my home. A wonderful book from cover to cover. I think it will make the perfect gift too!”  Louise, Manchester

I love the way this book gives you top tips on how to mix together the decades to create amazing results. Also that it can be achieved in a studio flat, rented accomodation or a big posh house, size doesnt count! Paloma Faith is also a particular favourite of mine and the hangbag wall art is simply genius!!” Macky

I had pre-ordered this book so waited with anticipation. It was even better than I had hoped. Full of images, tips, info and of course inspiration. It will keep me going for ages and certainly a book to keep and refer to.” Bessie




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