6 Reasons To Choose Personalised Photo Gifts With My Picture

I love personalised gifts, especially with images of my family and dogs on so I am delighted to share a few items sent to me by My Picture.  They are a gifting website where you upload your photos and turn them into canvas art, cushions, blankets, bags and more. I jumped at the chance to create two personalised photo cushions for my daughter’s room with images of our beloved Dachshunds Biffy and Dolly.


Creating them is simple- simply upload a photo that you can crop within their site and choose your sizes, materials and colours, making your choices even more personal. The quality is amazing – both are super soft and look amazing on her bed. Here they are with the original photos for reference. I chose a larger cushion and opted for black and white as the original photo was the wrong colour for her room, and a smaller one featuring our puppy.


Personalised Photo Gifts With My Picture

Personalised Photo Gifts With My Picture


I also created small perspex photo cubes of myself and my husband taken on his birthday trip to Santorini. I love how they stack and their size is super cute.  These are great present ideas that you could add to year after year.


Personalised Photo Gifts With My Picture


In case you are unsure here are a few reasons why personalised photo gifts make great presents.


Sentimental Value

Personalised photo gifts evoke emotions and memories, making them particularly meaningful. Including cherished photos in a gift shows thoughtful consideration and a personal touch. Whether it’s a picture from a special event, a family gathering, or a milestone moment, the sentimental value attached to these gifts can create lasting impressions.


Unique and Thoughtful

Personalised photo gifts stand out from generic presents as they are tailor-made for the recipient. The effort put into selecting and customising a gift with specific photos or designs demonstrates thoughtfulness. Knowing that the giver invested time and consideration to create something unique enhances the overall value of the present.


Memorable Keepsakes

Unlike many other gifts that may be forgotten or replaced over time, personalised photo gifts often become cherished keepsakes. They have the potential to become lasting reminders of significant moments, relationships, or milestones. A well-chosen photo can turn a simple item into a timeless memento.


Versatility of Options

There’s a wide range of personalised photo gifts available, catering to diverse preferences and occasions. From custom photo books and calendars to personalised jigsaw puzzles, blankets, or tote bags, the options are extensive. This versatility allows for the perfect match between the recipient’s taste and the occasion.


Celebrating Relationships

Personalised photo gifts offer a wonderful way to celebrate relationships. Whether it’s a gift for a family member, friend, or romantic partner, incorporating shared memories into the present strengthens the emotional connection. It’s a unique way to express love, gratitude, or friendship, fostering a deeper bond between the giver and the recipient.


Perfect for Any Occasion

Personalised photo gifts are versatile and suitable for various occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just a gift experience, a well-chosen personalised photo gift can fit any event. The ability to customise the gift to suit the occasion adds a special touch that enhances its appropriateness and impact.



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