Change Your Approach To Lighting Your Home, Inside and Out

Lights are essential for so many reasons. You need them for everything from getting ready to making dinner and everything in between. And yet, sometimes you would like a way to control the situation. Implement the innovative ideas for lighting your home below so you will be in charge of how the light comes in or turns on in and around your home and garden. Keep reading for some expert ideas on how to brighten your day.


Change Your Approach To Lighting Your Home, Inside and Out


Give Yourself Control

If you have windows without coverings, old and inefficient window treatments, or are just ready for something new, get ready to call the experts at ABC Blinds & Awnings. They carry a wide variety of window coverings. There are so many to choose from, in fact, that you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.


The fun thing about blinds and window treatments is that they are a functional design element. You can opt for panel blinds that perfectly match your paint colour to blend in. Or, go for timber Venetian blinds that will enhance the room they are in and complement your wood furniture. Choose different blinds for every room in your house if you like.


In the bathroom or lavatory, you may want to install vision blinds. These are convenient blinds in which you are able to control how much privacy you have based on whether they are fully open or closed while still letting the light shine through or blocking it out completely. The options are truly endless.



Add Smart Features

If you have not embraced the innovative smart home features available to you, it is time to get started. It is easy to start small by replacing your current light bulbs with smart bulbs. Install the corresponding app to your smartphone or smart home hub, and then get ready to set up the helpful features. The main advantage of smart light bulbs is that you can control them from your smartphone’s app, whether at home or away.


Use the app to set a schedule for the bulbs. You can set them to turn on at certain times so it looks as though someone is home, thus providing a deterrent from potential crime. If waking up is a laborious process for you, program your bedroom lights to turn on to full power at the same time that the alarm goes off each morning. You also have the option to dim your bulbs at your leisure without even getting up from the couch whilst binging a favourite show.


Another great feature of smart home technology is voice control. Use your hub or digital assistant, such as Google Nest or Amazon’s Alexa, to verbally command the lights to turn on, off, or even change their hue depending on the type of smart bulbs you have selected.


Change Your Approach To Lighting Your Home, Inside and Out


Remember the Garden

Your garden is an extension of your home, and you should take every advantage to treat it as such. In an outdoor space, you have multiple options for both controlling the sun’s reach and adding extra light. 


Your first course of action should be to assess your space. If you have a pergola, start with that. Contact the pros to have outdoor blinds installed onto the pergola. Outdoor blinds serve to protect you from the sun’s rays whilst limiting its brightness so you and your family can enjoy the fresh air. It is helpful to note that these blinds also afford you the benefit of privacy. 


When the sun goes down, there are different lighting needs to consider. To extend the life of your garden, you should consider hiring an electrician to install an outdoor-rated fan light kit with a remote for ease of use. Make it dimmable for more options. The fan will help keep pesky bugs away as you talk through the night with your friends. Add a few strings of lights for a fun design element, and you are all set!



Use the Sun

As you are configuring your garden, you should consider the addition of solar lighting. You can purchase full kits or add pieces one by one. Look at places around your garden that will benefit from enhanced lighting. This can increase safety by illuminating walkways or dark shadows within the garden. Or the solar lights may be strategically placed to cast a lovely glow on your foliage or architectural details throughout the garden. The best part about using solar lights is that they will not draw any electricity and are easy to maintain.


Watch this video for inspiration on how to place solar lights in your garden.




Focus on the Front

The front of your home may have lovely kerb appeal, but it often goes unused as a destination for you to spend time. Take a step back and look at the area. Is there a courtyard? Perhaps the front steps have a landing? Or is there a lovely patch of grass in front of the window begging for attention?


If you have the space, an awning or two might be the perfect solution for creating more usable outdoor capacity on your property. An awning will provide coverage from the sun and a light sprinkling of rain. It has the potential to become your new favourite place to be as you tuck in with a cuppa and a good book or chat with a neighbour. 


When it comes to awnings, you have options. Look for colours that will complement and enhance the look of your home. Next, you get to choose whether you would like an auto, retractable, or static awning. The choice is yours!

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Take action and make some changes around your home and property to create a new approach to lighting. Add coverings to block the light whilst sleeping, or install creative blinds to filter the sun’s rays as you see fit. Install custom features such as outdoor blinds and clever lighting features to continue using your garden whether the sun is high in the sky or has set for the day. Once you have made a few of these changes you will be so glad you did!


Change Your Approach To Lighting Your Home, Inside and Out



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