Modifying Your Home for an Older Parent: What To Consider

Your home needs to be a comforting environment for you especially right now as we spend more hours there than ever before! If you are not happy at home, how can you expect anybody else to be? But there will be times in life when our home environment becomes a source of stress (you should see the state of my kitchen right now!) which it shouldn’t be. One of the things I have been asked for support with recently  is how to create a cosy yet practical home when you need to move your older parents in and what modifications do you need to make?


Modifying Your Home for an Older Parent: What To Consider


Should We Modify Our Home To “Represent” a Nursing Home?

In one respect you may feel that you’ve got to provide a setting that gives them everything they need, which can result in you completely overhauling our home. It may feel like the best approach to modifying your home is to make it seem like it is closer to a nursing home especially if they are very elderly. But this can be a big mistake because we have to remember that nursing homes can be a cause of significant anxiety – I know my parents would hate to be in one if they had the choice to be somewhere that felt more like home. You only have to see the amount of nursing home abuse attorney cases to get a picture of what living in a nursing home is really like. The best thing you can do is to keep that essence of home. But you have to realise that when someone is moving from their own home to be with you, that they need it as comfy as possible. The best approach is to set up a room and give them free rein to decorate it as they wish.


The Safety Modifications

You can break down the safety modifications into three significant areas:


  • The bathroom safety
  • Mobility safety
  • Bedroom safety


Cover these three areas and you will have made a significant modification to your home that is safe for your loved ones but also doesn’t compromise your home. It boils down to some simple modifications. Firstly, the bathroom needs to incorporate mobility support. This can mean incorporating handle rails around the bathtub or the shower. You may also think about modifying the floor of the bathroom to make sure that it is non-slippery. Turning it into a wet room can also make it easier to clean. Making your property safe as far as mobility is concerned will also consist of a wheelchair but also a stairlift.


Modifying Your Home for an Older Parent: What To Consider


In the bedroom, support getting in and out of bed is vital. Soft and padded bed rails are easy to find. In addition, you may want to make some simple upgrades to keep their routine in place. If they are a heavy sleeper or have hearing loss, a strong alarm clock such as the Sonic Bomb alarm clock can help.


The Emotional Support

Making your home comfortable is not just about the physical components but it’s about ensuring that you are giving them everything they need to be happy. Your home is a comfortable environment and it is somewhere that should feel like home to your ageing parent. And for all the modifications you can make, don’t forget to be emotionally supportive and make them realise that this is their home too.


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