Simple Secrets For Boosting Your Happiness At Home in 2021

You spend a lot of time at home, and it’s a place where you want to feel safe and happy. The good news is that there are simple secrets that will help you boost your happiness at home. You’ll find you feel more at ease and content with yourself and in your space when you follow through with these tips.

You’ll likely discover that your days aren’t as stressful or chaotic when you focus on doing more of what will make you happy. It won’t be long before you’re getting your life in better order and are ready to take on new goals and challenges. I know this first hand recently – as I am doing some of these tips which have made a real difference to my and our lives.


Simple Secrets For Boosting Your Happiness At Home in 2021

Clean & Declutter

One simple secret for boosting your happiness at home is to clean and declutter your rooms. Looking at a mess all day will be overwhelming and may negatively impact your mood. Come up with a routine that helps you stay on top of it to not fall behind. Choose times throughout the year to perform a deep clean as well. Also, tackle areas you often put off, such as closets and your basement. Get rid of or donate items that you no longer need or use and that are taking up space. Your home will look more beautiful and attractive and be more comfortable this way. Of course us vintage fans can find the decluttering process hard – but believe me it does work. I try to have a one in, one out policy now to try to keep on top of the amount of stuff I have. 


Display Sentimental Items

You can also boost your happiness at home by displaying sentimental items around your rooms. For instance, hang and place out pictures of your family and memories from past trips you’ve taken. A sense of happiness will come over you when you see your kid’s smiling faces and all the fun times you’ve had together. You might also want to consider making your own art or hanging pieces that were handmade by family members or friends. We have also made sure we have kept sentimental pieces such as furniture owned by grandmas even when we redecorate a room – it is these pieces that bring me joy!


Simple Secrets For Boosting Your Happiness At Home in 2021


Nurture Your Relationships

Another aspect of a happy home has to do with your relationships, and having open and honest communication. Your home may be a stressful environment if you’re always arguing with your spouse and aren’t able to work as a team. Nurture your relationships and spend quality time together to see if you can strengthen your relationship. If you can’t reconcile your differences and are unhappy at home with your marriage, then consider hiring divorce solicitors so you can get out of your marriage, and be happy once again. Now this sounds like a huge step and maybe a bit weird for me to be talking about but I have seen so many people now rebuilding their lives (as I did after my first marriage) who are so much happier. YOU are so important so make sure you look after yourself as well as everyone around you. 


Set A Daily Intention

Each day is a chance to start again and reset. Wake up and review your list of what you’re thankful for and set a daily intention. It’ll help you focus on the day ahead, so you achieve and get done what’s most important to you. Let this daily intention help you set aside distractions to concentrate on the actions that will help you get closer to reaching your goals and achieving what you set out to do. Boost your happiness at home by avoiding multitasking and taking on too much at once, and make a realistic to-do list that won’t overwhelm you. Having gratitude and a daily intention is a recipe that will set you up for success today and in the future. 


Simple Secrets For Boosting Your Happiness At Home in 2021


Eat Healthily And Heartily

Diet is so important to feeling good but also treating yourself and not punishing yourself for eating too much of this or that. Read up on what you should be eating for your time in life. I am menopausal and adding extra seeds, oils, beans and nuts has really helped my flashes and mood. I am planning on sharing more of this in 2021 so if you too are suffering then keep your eyes peeled!


Make Time For You

And finally, make time for you. Think about what you really enjoy doing and what makes your heart sing. Write it down and then plan days in your diary for thus in 2021. My favourite pastime is looking is going to exhibitions and watching live music which I have missed so much this year. I try to plan about 8 gigs a year and visit London once a month to visit galleries and other attractions. It not only gives me time away from the house, it also clears my mind to be able to focus better. Maybe you could spend more time gardening or even reading outside on a sun lounger.


Happy 2021 everyone!


Simple Secrets For Boosting Your Happiness At Home in 2021




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