7 Must-Haves for A Functional Bedroom Space

Everyone needs their personal space, and the bedroom is an excellent place to have some alone time. It is a place of rest; after a long day’s work, all you want to do is hop in the bed and get cosy in your fluffy pillows and snug blanket. Typically, about 28.0% of the finished floor area is assigned to the bedroom, and it’s a safe haven for many. It is designed according to your preferences and filled with personal items; a space that screams you! There are a few staples to give you a functional bedroom, including a few below: 


7 Must-Haves for A Functional Bedroom Space





It is crucial to have enough storage space in your bedroom as it helps control clutter and serves as a place to put away your necessities. You might not have a big budget, or you might have limited space in your house to create a dressing room. Fortunately, installing fitted wardrobes is a functional alternative that provides an ideal space to store your wearables. Dressers are also much-needed storage spaces for your makeup, lotions, hair creams, and other products, your combs, brushes, hairpins, ribbons, and jewellery. Nightstands are also bedside essentials where you can easily reach and place your phone, glasses, books or any items that come in handy when on the bed.




Sufficient lighting


Lighting should be made available according to your needs. You might want a grand chandelier or dim lights for a moody ambience, or bright lights; it’s all up to you. Make sure you have enough windows in the bedroom to allow for more natural light. Having lighter curtains rather than thick ones invites more light and keeps the place well aerated. Night lamps are also a decent addition to the room for bedtime reading or any minor tasks. 


7 Must-Haves for A Functional Bedroom Space



Warm and cosy rug


Rugs work well with any flooring you have, and it gives your bedroom a warm and pleasant feel. Choose rugs with colours or patterns that match the bedroom’s look or feel to make it more welcoming. Sinking your feet into a soft carpet when you get out of bed is just the warmth you need, saving you from the cold floor. A right floor rug also softens the sounds of your footsteps when walking in the room.

When talking about being comfortable on your own bed, you could also regularly change your bedsheet and keep a couple of blankets available for changing. Spicing up your bed by having personalised materials like a custom photo blanket could also add a little bit of comfort and intimacy to your safe space!





Alternative seating


Bedroom seating is often disregarded when designing the bedroom. However, it is advisable to have a place where you can sit down and do other stuff. Your bed should be reserved for sleeping. Lying on the bed always can make you less productive and sluggish; it is vital to have a chair where you can sit upright and focus. It could be a stylish chair or a bedroom bench at the end of the bed, or even a bean bag. Having a place to sit in the bedroom is excellent for reading, receiving a visitor, wearing and taking off your shoes, using your laptop, or having a cup of tea or coffee. 


7 Must-Haves for A Functional Bedroom Space


Well-placed power outlets


You likely use your phones and laptops in your room, making it significant to have enough sockets for the various electrical devices you might need. These outlets will also make it easier to power your TV or a sound system. This is more convenient than using extension boards from power sources outside the room. A definite must-have for a functional bedroom!




A solid supportive bed


This is the bedroom’s central objective and defines the bedroom. The bed’s size is essential and a key part of your functional bedroom, and you wouldn’t want to have too big a bed when the bedroom size is small. That will make the room less spacious and functional and leave less space to place other necessary furniture. About one-third of our lives are spent sleeping or trying to sleep; hence comfort should be your priority. Get quality and comfortable bedding to ensure maximum relaxation when you get into your bed. Your sheets should also be soft, your duvet fleecy, and you can finish it off with a warm blanket. A bed with just one or two pillows may appear bare, so you can load it with a bunch of pillows along with accent pillows to add some colour and texture.


7 Must-Haves for A Functional Bedroom Space

A well-sized mirror



There are times when the bathroom mirror just doesn’t cut it when you want to check yourself out before you step out. You need a larger one; it could be a full-length mirror or a big one that hangs on top of the dresser, giving your room a more stylish and alluring look. Mirrors also bounce light, making your room appear more open; this makes it an excellent addition to small bedrooms.



I really want to update our bedroom in 2021 – and thankfully we have considered all these points already so it is just a case of new wallpaper and paint. Oh and maybe a few new cushions 🙂



7 Must-Haves for A Functional Bedroom Space




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