6 Modern Garden Trends To Consider This Year

Are you lacking inspiration for your garden and have no idea what to do with it? Since the beginning of lockdown, people have been investing in their outdoor space and making the most of their gardens with stunning and outlandish designs and themes. And with the potential to increase your property value by up to 77%, it’s little wonder why people are going the extra mile to create a harmonious outdoor living space that compliments modern living and increases living space at home. If your garden is currently wasted and you’re unsure of what to do with it, this post looks at some of the modern gardens that are popular right now to help you turn your garden from drab to fab.


6 Garden Trends To Consider This Year



Japanese Style Gardens

Japanese gardens are composed of water, stone, shaped evergreens and lantern features. This modern garden trend has become popular recently thanks to the serene vibe it helps create, as well as being visually stunning. If you have a larger garden on a multi-level or you can create more levels, you can add water features, steps and walkways amongst shrubbery for the ideal outdoor zen space.



Flower Beds

Take inspiration from flower shows to see how you can implement flower beds in a creative style at home. Not just any flower beds, shaped or formed flower beds in a specific design can break up large expanses of grass and help you to design a visually appealing garden rather than simply adding flower beds out the edges. Think circular designs bursting with colour in the centre of your grass or curved flower beds, creating a pathway as they cut into the grass. Don’t forget to ensure your lawn looks as lush as possible, and choosing the right grass seed, such as Boston Seeds, can help ensure your lawn complements your flower beds.


6 Modern Garden Trends To Consider This Year


Natural Lawns

The RHS predicts that more people will opt for a more natural garden that encourages wildlife this year. While perfectly manicured lawns look good, they aren’t very environmentally friendly, and more people are choosing to go down the “no mow” route and allow wildflowers and weeds to populate their lawns. You don’t have to let your whole garden grow long if you wish; designate strips of lawn to populate with things like nettles, dandelions, yellow rattle and cornflowers, for example. This can be of great benefit to the local wildlife and insects.



Low Maintenance, Climate Friendly Gardens

The ultimate low-maintenance modern garden is one which requires very little upkeep and can be ideal for those who aren’t green-fingered or who don’t have the time to keep on top of a healthy growing garden. As well as these low, maintenance gardens are also climate-friendly as they look good all year round and need minimal watering or sheltering from the elements. Typically composed of mostly astroturf instead of grass paving and gravel flooring and artificial plants and ornaments, this trend is still popular with many people, and it will continue to be embraced as people try to combat the effects of a changing climate and embrace a no-fuss lifestyle. Add seating or dining sets and structures to help you add different elements to your garden and give it more character, personality, depth, and increased functionality.


Embracing Modern Gardens and Sustainable Living

In the realm of modern garden trends, the incorporation of sustainable practices and urban farming has gained significant traction. A noteworthy aspect is a rising popularity of raising backyard chickens, with enthusiasts emphasising the charm of Welsummer eggs. These eggs, known for their distinctive dark brown speckles and rich flavor, contribute to the allure of homegrown produce. As gardens evolve into multifunctional spaces, the addition of Welsummer chickens aligns with eco-conscious living and introduces a delightful and rewarding facet to contemporary gardening.


6 Garden Trends To Consider This Year


Pools and water features have risen dramatically in popularity recently, and it doesn’t only mean adding an inground pool, although you can if you wish. More people are opting for hot tubs being integrated into the design of their gardens and overgrown pools and ponds being the main features. Why add built-in seating to the edge of your tub, a pergola to offer shade or integrate the tub into the landscape by building around it using rocks and shrubbery on a slope so it looks like part of the modern garden as opposed to being placed in one spot? As most UK gardens wouldn’t take a full-size pool, landscaping our new overrun pool or hot tub can be just as impressive.



Raised Beds

Raised beds are becoming increasingly popular and not just for growing veg in, although this is still popular in UK homes. Raised beds can offer you an added design element and can help break up vast expanses of grass. You can incorporate traditional elements such as wooden beds or go for more modern designs using brick, stones, and even metal to help you design the perfect feature. From here, you can choose what to fill them with, from flowers to vegetables, rockery and even cacti; the choice is yours. But by paying attention to the location and design of your raised beds, you can create an impactful visual element to your garden that you can enjoy for many years.


Landscaping has become an integral part of UK homes in recent years, and being able to make the most of your space no matter how big or small it is can give you an added layer of enjoyment when at home and give you the ultimate in relaxation spaces.


6 Garden Trends To Consider This Year

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