Christmas Fashion: Simple Style Tips For Your Festive Vintage Look

Christmas is nearly here, which means that now is the perfect time to start thinking about your Christmas fashion look. Christmas Day is a time when we all naturally, want to look and feel good, which is why it’s important to take the time to think about your festive wardrobe. Yes, I realise that this year is different with no parties and the like, but I reckon we should still dress up – and boy I feel like I need it after 2020!

The good news is that creating a Christmas fashion look that you feel confident and happy in doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare, it’s just a case of thinking about what you can pair together to create that perfect festive vibe. And you don’t have to buy new – investing in vintage pieces is a great idea, or of course wearing something you already have.


Wondering how you can dress this Christmas to create the perfect winter look? Below is a guide to how you can go about creating a Christmas fashion look that you love! 


Dressing To Impress This Christmas: Simple Style Tips For Your Festive Look

Select the right main items 


The first step to locking down the perfect Christmas look is to select the right key items, such as choosing the perfect Christmas dress, for instance. The thing to remember when it comes to Christmas fashion is to try and pick a festive colour for your key item – be it a dress or a top. In terms of festive colours, red, green, gold, and silver seem to be the most accepted festive tones; anything that incorporates glitter or sequins is even better. 


Once you’ve picked your key item – be it a dress or a top – the next step is to select what you will pair it with. This is important as how you pair an item has a big impact on how it looks. 


Say, for instance, you’ve chosen a red velvet dress to wear on Christmas Day, you will need to pair it with a pair of tights to stay warm enough. If you want to add extra glamour to your festive look, you could consider picking tights that have glitter or sequins on them. I love a red 1950s dress for Christmas Day – I have a silk one that I have worn many times, teamed up with a black velvet cropped cardigan (modern) and black opaque tights.


Or, if you’ve opted for a gold, glittery top, you will need to select the right jeans, skirt or leggings to go with it. Think about what would compliment the style of the top and select a garment that you also feel comfortable and confident wearing. All those 1980s sequinned tops are perfect – team with skinny jeans or a leather skirt (I have a fab 1980s one!).


I also think it is important to be comfortable as if you’re anything like me, there will be a lot of sitting on the sofa, eating chocolate and watching films. But there is also no need to go out and buy a new outfit; wear something you already have and add switch up the accessories.


Use accessories to add charm 


When it comes to adding further charm to your festive look, you might want to consider utilising a selection of accessories to help. Whether that’s a smart pair of shoes or a cute and quirky pair of festive earrings from your go-to piercing shop, it’s up to you. Get creative with how you ‘dress up’ your outfit further, and don’t be afraid to go all out when it comes to your accessories – it is Christmas, after all. 


If you feel unsure about the accessories that you could pair with your look, you might find that sourcing inspiration online, from resources such as Pinterest, for instance, might be helpful for allowing you to create that perfect Christmas look. 


I personally have a Christmas dress each year (usually vintage of course) and this year have chosen a dark green second hand Orla Kiely dress. I also love my kids to dress up although I fear they won’t get out of their PJs this year!


There you have it, a few simple tips and suggestions for how you can make dressing to impress this Christmas a little easier. 


Simple Style Tips For Your Festive Vintage Look



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