Sunday Salutations – What I am thankful for this week

It is has been a very difficult week for the 48% of people who wanted to stay in the EU, but the after effect / fall-out has been unbelievable here in the UK. While our leaders backstab, hide, bicker and generally refuse to actually lead and a sense of hatred has spread onto our streets and social media channels,  I wanted to take a moment to think about and be thankful for everything that has gone well this week.

Sunday Salutations from Kate Beavis

I salute the following:

My children’s school continue to celebrate creativity and this week I loved their annual Proms In The Playground where I saw my son and his friends sing their hearts out and play their guitars. Their passion was infectious and we all shed a tear when they sang Let It Be. Oh to be 8 years old and have such optimism about the world. Big up Cranfield Academy.

Still on the children front, they both won Star of the Week for showing the value of responsibility. I couldn’t be prouder.

We enjoyed a photo shoot with Sharon Cooper Photography out in a magical field filled with poppies. The few images that I have seen so far are wonderful and I am thankful of her patience as my children were very lively!

Lots of blog opportunities have come my way this week. It is amazing doing this job as opportunities spring from nowhere to surprise you and uplift you. You just have to keep the faith.

I received some wonderful feedback from a new client – feedback is so important and we are so often too busy to give it and to even receive it. Take a moment this week to let someone know how valuable they are.

After a fall out with a friend last week, another one rose up to let me know that I am loved. Thank you.

My latest article for Reloved magazine arrived in the post, and I am grateful for these opportunities and proud to be writing for such a great magazine.

Talking of Reloved magazine, I am busy working on my latest project for them and thankful for my father and a local friend who has helped me with materials, free of charge, just because they could. Thank you.

I have bought all the school uniform for next year in the sale! Get me!

My fake wedding as part of The National Vintage Wedding Fair was featured on the amazing Way Out Wedding blog. Thanks Erin!

I walked to school all week after not being able to for a whole 7 weeks. Never have I been so grateful for a foot that works! Thanks to everyone who helped with my children when I needed it.

Watching Glastonbury on the telly without having to be there as I couldn’t manage all that mud anymore!

I sold my first item on Etsy this week from my new wedding shop!

I enjoyed being able to help my friend move house and in return she plied us with cake and berries. It is so good to be part of their lives again after a 20 year absence. Love you Louise x

An interior magazine reached out to me to be their mid-century writer which I wasn’t sure whether I could fully commit. I will try my hardest.

I have two, yes two,really exciting opportunities ahead for 2016 with someone who was a Facebook friend. Just goes to show that you never know who you will end up working with – so remember this when you are networking!

This rain is frustrating but our garden looks so lush. And I almost appreciate the snippets of sunshine more, rushing out to sit in it. And our strawberries are huge and so tasty!

Finally, I am thankful for my husband who without fail texts me at 10.30 every day to say “Alright bunny?” It is good that someone whatever the day, reaches out to check you are good.

What are you thankful for this week? Let me know

Kate x

Thanks to my business coach, Judith Morgan for sharing her “Reasons to be cheerful” post to inspire me to reflect more x




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