The Art Of Home Styling: Keeping Pests At Bay

Styling your home to create a fashionable atmosphere typically involves selecting furniture, adding cool decor and ensuring comfortable cushions are scattered everywhere! However, there is an overlooked aspect that plays a role in achieving the perfect living space, especially in old houses. 


In this blog post, we’ll discuss how home styling and pest management are interconnected. Additionally, we’ll provide you with five tips to maintain a pest-free home.


The Art Of Home Styling: Keeping Pests At Bay


Step 1: Opt for Materials That Deter Pests

Imagine this scenario: you’re finally turning your dream home into a reality. But instead of focusing on the aesthetics and how to make everything Instagrammable, it’s important to consider materials that pests find unappealing. For example, hardwood floors are less attractive to pests such as dust mites and carpet beetles compared to carpets since carpets are notorious for accumulating a lot of dust and dirt over time. Moreover, incorporating furniture made from materials like metal or plastic can add style while discouraging those critters.



Step 2: Embrace Cleanliness and Organisation

Who doesn’t appreciate a clutter-free home? Not only does it enhance the appearance but it also serves as a powerful deterrent against pests taking over your space. Make it a regular habit to vacuum, dust and sweep your place. This not only keeps your home looking neat and tidy. Also eliminates any potential hiding spots for pests. Remember to pay attention to areas like the kitchen and bathroom – crumbs and moisture can easily attract unwanted guests.



Step 3: Secure Your Doors Against Pests

Pests are like party crashers; they will find any way to sneak into your home. So take some time to inspect your windows, doors and pipes for cracks or openings. Use. Weatherstripping to seal them up tightly. This will not make your home more energy efficient. Also create a barrier against pests. Talk about practicality with a touch of style!


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Step 4:  Embrace Stylish Storage Solutions

Storage solutions can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Choose those airtight containers in the kitchen to keep pantry pests like ants and moths away from your snacks. In the bedroom, consider using mattress and pillow covers that are designed to repel bedbugs. They offer protection against these critters without compromising on comfort or style.


Step 5: Enhance Your Landscaping Game

Don’t overlook the importance of maintaining a kept space when it comes to pest control. Your landscaping choices can make a difference too. Make sure to trim your shrubs and trees to prevent them from becoming a pathway for pests into your home. Additionally, why not consider adding some pest-repelling plants like lavender, mint or marigolds to your garden? These plants naturally keep insects away. Add a touch to your outdoor space while preventing those pests from gaining any access to your home.


Step 6: Wasps as Guardians of Pest-Free Homes

Consider incorporating wasps as allies in pest control for a naturally balanced home environment. These industrious insects serve as natural predators, targeting garden pests and aiding in their control without resorting to chemical solutions. Welcoming wasps can promote a sustainable and eco-conscious approach to pest management, contributing to a harmonious ecosystem within your home while keeping common pests at bay.

In a nutshell, by selecting materials that pests dislike, keeping everything tidy, sealing any entry points, organising storage creatively and maintaining a well-kept garden, you can have a stylish and pest-free home. Remember that prevention is key and these tips will help you create a home where uninvited guests like bugs and pests are highly unwelcome.


The Art Of Home Styling: Keeping Pests At Bay


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