Fun DIY St Patrick’s Day Crafting Ideas For Kids

St. Patrick’s Day will be here in a couple of months. The 17th March marks the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and commemorates Saint Patrick. Nonetheless, this holiday is widely seen as a celebration of Irish culture and heritage in general. The Irish certainly know how to celebrate this occasion in style! However, our kids can’t get in on the action by downing pints of Guinness, so make sure they don’t miss out on the Irish spirit by doing some St Patrick’s Day crafting ideas. Read on to discover a couple of suggestions…


Fun DIY St Patrick's Day Crafting Ideas For Kids



Leprechaun Peg Dolls


The first craft project you should consider giving a go is leprechaun peg dolls. This is really easy to do. Moreover, it gives your child a lot of freedom, as they can decorate the dolls as they see fit. This also means you don’t have a headache when shopping, as you don’t have to stick to a stringent list of supplies. 


You will need some traditional or vintage wooden pegs or clothes pin dolls. Each one will be the basis of the doll. The circular part at the top is where you will draw on a face, whilst the bottom half will be used as a body. 


Felt works beautifully when doing this project. You can use green felt to wrap around the ‘body’, then use a smaller bit of black felt to wrap around to act as the belt, and don’t forget about the gold buckle. The same process can be used to create a hat for the leprechaun as well. If you feel like really being creative, you could look for one of the sewing machines available today and create your own clothing for the doll. 


One fun thing to do is purchase some wool. This can be used to create crazy hairstyles for each of the peg dolls. This is definitely the part of the craft children tend to enjoy the most! 


Fun DIY St Patrick's Day Crafting Ideas For Kids



Shamrock Piñatas 


Another great St Patrick’s Day crafting project to try with your child is creating a shamrock piñata. After all, not only will your child have fun making it, but they will have fun whacking it too! The supplies you will need for this are as follows – string or ribbon, cardboard, glue, scissors, crepe paper, tape, X-ACTO knife, and filling for the piñata – such as candy. 


To start with you should draw a sketch of a shamrock on a piece of paper and cut it out. You can use this as your template. Trace the stencil onto the cardboard twice and cut. You then need to cut strips of cardboard – the thicker you cut them, the thicker your piñata will be. 



Fun DIY St Patrick's Day Crafting Ideas For Kids


You should then bend these strips and attach them around the side of one of the shamrock cut outs using tape. Once you have done so, you will be able to add the other shamrock on top. Now it is time to decorate the piñata using the crepe paper. You can cut this into strips and layer it, or you can scrunch it into balls to create a different effect. Both work well. 


To finish off this St Patrick’s Day crafting project, use the knife to cut a flap into the base of the piñata. First, you will thread through your ribbon or string, and after you will fill with candy (or whatever you have chosen to fill the piñata with). Once complete, shut the flap, and your piñata is ready!


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Fun DIY St Patrick's Day Crafting Ideas For Kids

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