3 Principles For Gifting Someone Modern Or Vintage Jewellery

Fashion is a celebration of life. It’s a beautiful and enjoyable representation of who you and what is important to you – I LOVE IT! It’s also something we can use to feel current (if you up with trends), to enjoy curating our appearance, and to express ourselves. It’s not hard to see, then, why people wish to gift their friends with the fashionable items they themselves might find appealing, no matter if that involves clothing, vintage jewellery or accessories.


3 Principles For Gifting Someone Modern Or Vintage Jewellery


Purchasing your mother a new winter coat, for instance, can be quite a thoughtful and loving gift to provide someone. It can also be quite nice  to spend some time thinking about how your friend or family member may want to express themselves, as purchasing an item of clothing is often much more intimate and requires much more thought than you may expect. Why is this? Well, because unfortunately, the issue is that it’s possible to get this totally wrong in the same stroke. For example I am attracted to all things vintage or vintage inspired but by mum hates it! She wants to feel modern! It is the same when people gift me fashion or accessories – my taste is so unique, again it is easy to get it wrong!


For that reason, let’s focus on gifting modern or vintage jewellery as this is an easier option. Plus using worthwhile principles for gifting someone a fashion item can be important to think of. 


Check Their Size


It’s important to make sure you know their size if purchasing clothes for them but also for jewellery. This might not just be what size they have, but what wrist size they might have, as if you were purchasing jewellery where you would need to consider diamonds to put in your custom piece, plus you would also want it to fit. If you’re close enough to shop with them or to ask them without alerting their suspicions, this can be a good way to make sure they won’t be unable to wear your item. And remember, you can always combine this with paying for a trip to a tailor if necessary if only to resize the item.


Expressed Interests


Of course, sometimes you can figure out what your friend or relative may be interested in thanks to what they’ve expressed interest in before. Perhaps they seem to always be looking past a certain shop window, or have commented that they’d love to pick up a certain design, or maybe they’d love an excuse to start wearing beautiful hats with lovely hatpins. It could be that you are the catalyst for them to do this. With that kind of effort, you’re more likely to surprise them with something they’d actually like.


3 Principles For Gifting Someone Modern Or Vintage Jewellery


Packaging & Sentimentality


Of course, sometimes it’s not only about the fashionable item, but how it’s packaged and the sentimentality behind it. For instance, purchasing them a new rose gold watch can be made all the more special if you engrave their name (and perhaps a little message) into it, or the same with a pendant. It might be that a particular package, like a watch holder, becomes a storage case they actually use and remember you by rather than simply throwing away. You may pay a little extra for the premium, but this approach can be thoroughly worthwhile to do.


With this advice, we hope you can more easily get someone a piece of jewellery you feel is appropriate, without worrying about ‘getting it wrong.’


3 Principles For Gifting Someone Modern Or Vintage Jewellery



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