Fashion Week 2021: New Styles We’re Likely To See This Year

The fashion world has had one of the worst years in its history, thanks to the shutdown. But the industry is still plodding forward, hoping like the rest of us that things are going to return to normal sometime soon. 

This week, we have had a Fashion Week of sorts in Milan, though the live crowds are forbidden. We are likely to see some interesting trends, many of which are likely to show up in high street stores soon. While I promote second hand fashion over fast fashion – it is still great to see what the key looks are likely to be. Plus if you sell vintage fashion, you can see what may be popular.

Here’s what you need to know. 


The Rise of Black Facemasks


It looks like facemasks are going to become a strange dystopian fashion accessory out of necessity. And fashion brands are cottoning on to that fact, with many of them releasing outfits, complete with nose-and-mouth coverings. 

Black face masks are in vogue right now and seem to pair quite well with trench coats and other types of garments derived from the military. It’s a harsh look, but one that seems necessary at the moment for many. 


Fashion Week 2021: New Styles We're Likely To See


Head Scarves


In keeping with the theme of covering up, we’re also seeing the rise of head scarves. The trend at the moment is for frilly and embellished patterns combined with simple block letters.  Scarves work well when combined with a maxi skirt or a leather jacket. 


Pastel Tones


If you’ve ever wished you could dress the same colour as your favourite sorbet, you might be in luck. This year, pastel tones may take a front seat.  There seems to be no limit on garishness either. Full lilac, green and turquoise outfits, all matchy-matchy. Perfect for vintage fans too as there is so much pretty pastel fashion out there.


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Ethnic-Inspired Apparel


2020 was the year when ethnicity came to the fore. And now the fashion world is scrambling to catch up with the trend. 

We’re seeing the rise of what is being dubbed “folk” attire. Fashion brands are creating items that look as though they emerged from a specific culture, but they don’t want their customers being accused of cultural appropriation, so they’re making them more generic.  In any case, these ethnic motifs are making a big impression. Expect intricate patterns featuring images from the natural world, like flowers, animals, and shrubs. 


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Thigh-High Boots


If you thought thigh-high boots were a thing of the past, then you’re in for a rude awakening. This classic look is making a come-back in a big way, thanks to inspiration from many mid-century looks. The look is interesting because it combines sophistication with sexiness. You can wear knee-high boots with leggings, roll necks and, of course, minidresses. 




Camel sandals have been in vogue for some time now. But this year, we will likely see camel tones extending to cover the entire body.  The theme at the moment is to wear large camel trench coats combined with camel or dark shoes, with lighter tones underneath. I have a vintage Aquascutum camel mac waiting to be worn once spring is here which will be perfect for this look.

So if you wanted to recreate the look yourself, you’d first choose a dark tan coat and then maybe wear a light tan tank or tee underneath. You can also pair a trench coat with a dress, so long as the styling matches. 


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So, which new styles are you excited to see this year? 


Fashion Week 2021



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