The Life-Changing Effects Of Menopause

Trigger Warning- suicide and eating disorders are mentioned throughout.



This one’s for the menopause deniers, the people that make jokes about it, or the women that tell me that their mums sailed through it so it must be in my head. This is why I do what I do…


 The Life-Changing Effects Of Menopause


The highest suicide rate among women in the UK right now is between the ages of 45 and 54 – menopausal ages.


Eating disorders and disordered eating is on the rise for women over 45, year on year. Studies show that 13% of women over the age of 50 are currently struggling with eating disorders or disordered eating.


But we still struggle to be taken seriously; even by the medical profession.


It’s time, collectively, for women to say NO, we want to be seen and heard, our health matters.


And if you are currently struggling, please visit your doctor or samaritans or even your partner for help and support.




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