How The Briiv Air Filter Has Improved My Home (and Health)

I’ve been using the Briiv Air Filter for over a year now, and it’s been sitting on my desk, making the air around me feel cleaner. I even wrote a review about it when I first started using it, and you can check that out here. Today, I just want to share how it’s been benefiting me and introduce you to the Briiv Pro.



Here’s how the Briiv has made a difference for me:


Improved Air Quality

Briiv air filters do a great job trapping all sorts of airborne stuff, like dust, bacteria, viruses, and pollutants. This means the air in my home office, which happens to be on a busy street with closed windows, is much better. When I’m working, especially without much fresh air, having the filter on has improved my productivity.



Reduced Allergens

The Briiv is like a superhero against common allergens such as pollen, mold spores, and pet dander. I’ve got my two dogs keeping me company while I work, and with menopause messing with my allergies, cleaner air is a game-changer. It makes my workspace feel better and helps me concentrate.



Odour Removal

The Briiv is also handy for getting rid of smells. In my case, that means dealing with the doggy odours in my office. It’s a real bonus, especially in areas like the kitchen and bathroom where things can sometimes smell!



Reduced Dust Accumulation

The Briiv doesn’t just sit there; it actively grabs dust particles, keeping them from settling on surfaces. Since my office tends to get a bit messy, this has been a major plus. Less dusting and cleaning means more time for other things.



I recently moved the Briiv to my bedroom to see if it could help with my sleep, and so far, it’s been doing wonders with:



Reducing Allergens

Allergens like dust mites, pollen, and pet dander can mess with sleep, but the Briiv captures these particles, making the air cleaner. It’s already helping with my sinuses which tend to act up during sleep due to allergies.



Cleaner Air for Relaxation

Breathing in fresh, filtered air while sleeping creates a more relaxed atmosphere. It adds to the overall comfort and makes falling asleep easier. The Briiv has definitely improved my sleep quality.




And now for the Briiv Pro


The Briiv Pro has bew features that mean it is even better at filtering air to improve our homes and lives. It  is an eco-friendly air purifier with AI-powered sensors for effective air monitoring. In just 21 minutes, it cleans a 4x4m² space and can be linked with additional units for larger areas. Maintenance is easy with natural filters lasting a year and a removable main filter lasting three months. 


I am particularly excited about the introduction of scent being released to make our homes smell nicer. Simply add your favourite essential oil inside it to freshen up your space, naturally.


Briiv makes our homes better, sustainably and looks great too.


How The Briiv Air Filter Has Improved My Home (and Health)

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