7 Common Health Issues Faced By Students

(Trigger warning: EDs) Despite the fact that medical care is making huge progress lately, it’s hard to say that young people are leading healthy lifestyles, even though they have more opportunities to take care of themselves. Considering the results of research saying that the younger generation will not live longer than the previous ones, you easily understand the reason for the doctors’ worries. Not a healthy diet, lack of water, sleeping disorders, and a lot of stress due to a great number of tasks and work to do in no way benefit the health of the younger generation. Plus, in many cases, the lifestyle of modern students is less active than it was a couple of decades ago. That is why a lot of diseases and health issues are getting “younger” year by year. In this article, I will discuss seven of the most typical problems students can have in order for you to try to understand the reason and try to avoid it. 


7 Common Health Issues Faced By Students


We all have one, two, or all of them actually friends that don’t have good eyesight. Of course, it’s not even a surprise because, let’s be honest, the time we spend in front of a PC, laptop, tablet, or just our phone is only increasing. And in most cases, it is not that good for our eyes. Such eyesight problems like astigmatism, myopia, or hyperopia are very common among students, and scientists, together with doctors, don’t expect this situation to become better. At first sight, the problem with the quality of the eyesight might look insignificant. But just think about the number of essays you have to write and how many hours you have to spend preparing for an exam. It can be tiring and cause constant headaches due to always being strained. What we can recommend is to try to “delegate” some of your assignments to a reliable writing service. And we would like to make stress on that. Don’t trust the very first you find on the Internet. Let’s imagine you have your eye on Best Dissertation service and want to place an order with them, so the logical thing to do is to wonder, “what is the bestdissertation.com reviews ”  and to go look for them in order to be sure about the professionalism of the service. 





Students always do homework, it doesn’t matter to them where they are, so because of that so, many of them have problems with posture and constant back or neck pains, and it can all turn into scoliosis and lordosis, which is not good at all for any system or organ of the body. We all are used to the fact that our parents are always reminding us to watch our backs, but in college, such a reminder is impossible. Back-friendly furniture might be the way out, but as you know, ergonomic furniture can cost a fortune, so if you are not ready to spend money on furniture of high quality, control yourself and don’t forget about your posture. 




If you don’t know what it is, then you can consider yourself to be lucky. But for many students, unfortunately, it’s a well-known problem. An unbearable headache that lasts days is not the best condition to continue studying. That is why students who suffer from it can sometimes miss classes and forget about paperwork to do. Reasons can be different, starting from stress and ending with genetics.  



7 Common Health Issues Faced By Students

Stress, depression, mental disorders 

Society is finally accepting such kinds of problems like those that exist and must be considered a serious problem. When you feel constant stress or social anxiety, it is very hard to concentrate on your studies, but the funny thing is that some researchers think that doing homework, writing in particular, is sometimes a good thing to deal with these problems. So, if you wonder if can writing help with mental health improvement, the answer is yes, it can help at some point.


Eating disorders

Bulimia and anorexia are one of the most typical eating health problems that students can have. No eating routine, junk food, and unhealthy snacks, as well as stress, cause students to be very vulnerable and, therefore, have problems with eating habits.


Respiratory illnesses 

When so many people are concentrated in such places as campuses and dorms, it’s not strange at all that respiratory illness is something that they have to deal with on a regular basis. It’s enough for one to sneeze, and within a day, the whole dorm will be sneezing. Covid-19 perfectly showed us how it all happens. So, in order to prevent flu or infections from spreading easily around, we have to normalize staying isolated when you are ill. 



Sleeping disorders

Well, most of us survived college or university thanks to coffee and willpower. A sleeping disorder is something that any student has but usually doesn’t accept. Insomnia might seem not so scary, but you have to deal with it in order not to have serious health disorders. 


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7 Common Health Issues Faced By Students


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