A-Z Of Menopause: How To Deal With Menopausal Hot Flushes


Welcome to the A-Z of Menopause. This is F for Flushes.


Do you wake up in the middle of the night with night sweats?


If so here’s…


How To Deal With Menopausal Hot Flushes


Flushes are like this burning sensation that kind of rises up through your chest and can be on your face as well.


The reason for this is low oestrogen, which is why you get them towards the end more.


I personally have only had one hot flush during the day but night sweats I did get. They were a nightmare, literally.


For anyone who hasn’t experienced it, it’s a bit like when you get the flu, you’re lying in bed, you’re totally fine and then you wake up at 2 in the morning in a ball of sweat. But not only that, you feel extremely feverish.


What I found strange and maybe this is just me but once I cooled off it disappeared, almost as quickly as it had arrived.


And why is this bad?


Because you have disturbed sleep, every single night, sometimes a couple of times every night.


For some women, it’s so bad they have to get changed or change the sheets, which of course totally disturbs your sleep!


So what can you do to help?


Here’s what you can do,


  • I went on HRT, and that was the point that I rang the doctor and said, “Help me, I haven’t slept for weeks and weeks, help me”, and HRT helped within 48 hours!
  • Taking a supplement of sage can help too,
  • Choose natural fibres for your bedding and for your nightwear,
  • And always have a fan on standby.


I know getting these night sweats night after night or day after day can be an absolute nightmare.


The most important thing you can do if you’re struggling is to talk to somebody, talk to your partner, talk to your friend, talk to a doctor, talk to a menopause specialist, talk to someone.


And if you’ve got no one to talk to, have a look at the link in my TikTok bio for my community, because that can help you too.


It’s called Bossing Midlife.


If you are struggling with menopause, please visit your doctor to get help and support.



A-Z Of Menopause: How To Deal With Menopausal Hot Flushes

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