A-Z Of Menopause: How To Deal With Unwanted Menopausal Hair Growth


Welcome to the A-Z of Menopause, This is G for Growth.


I think it’s time for people to start talking about the more embarrassing menopause symptoms that often aren’t talked about.


So in this blog, we are going to be talking about…



How To Deal With Unwanted Menopausal Hair Growth


Let’s start this off by saying that none of these symptoms are embarrassing, and you shouldn’t shy away from talking about any of them.


But we often do! I really do urge you not too though.


Today’s symptom affects 30% of menopausal women!



This symptom is called hypertrichosis.

Unwanted hair, which is usually found in places where men’s hair grows and women’s doesn’t, such as your chin.



So why does this happen?


It’s all to do with your hormone imbalance, as your ratio of testosterone and estrogen changes.



I know I normally get about three on my chin, three on my upper lip, and three between my eyebrows. It’s all groups of three!


These hairs are normally thicker and courser than your hair normally is, hairs that definitely weren’t there before.


If i pluck these hairs they normally come back in about three months, so they don’t really grow super fast but they’re there.


So what can you do to help?


Here’s what you can do,


  • So obviously you need to rebalance your hormones, and you can do this through menopause supplements or of course HRT.
  • My advice tends to be the same as other symptoms, which is to look at your diet,
  • Reducing your stress, Ha!
  • And keeping your weight down which is again not that easy when you’re menopausal!
  • Don’t shave.


If you are taking HRT and it’s still there or you can’t take HRT and it’s there but it’s worse than you’d like you can of course consider laser hair removal surgery.


I just use the tweezers!


Some women say it gets better as the testosterone levels drop and your hormones even out! Now I don’t know if this is true or not, it may well be for some women or it might not be for others.



The most important thing you can do if you’re struggling is to talk to somebody, talk to your partner, talk to your friend, talk to a doctor, talk to a menopause specialist, talk to someone.


And if you’ve got no one to talk to, have a look at the link in my TikTok bio for my community, because that can help you too.


It’s called Bossing Midlife.


If you are struggling with menopause, please visit your doctor to get help and support.


A-Z Of Menopause: How To Deal With Unwanted Menopausal Hair Growth


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