5 Healthy And Fun Activities To Do With Your Foster Child in Wigan 

As a foster carer, there is no doubt that you put lots of time, effort, and work into caring for your foster child, providing them with a stable, supportive, and comfortable home environment. But as you know there’s much more to being a foster carer than just providing a stable environment, there is also the opportunity to introduce your foster child to all kinds of healthy and fun activities. For those in the Wigan area, we have you covered as this is a look at some great activities you can do this spring and summer. 


5 Healthy And Fun Activities To Do With Your Foster Child in Wigan 

Hop in Your Time Machine and Head to the Roller Rink


Roller rinks used to be all the rage but it’s getting harder and harder to find them nowadays. Wigan Roller Rink gives you a chance to introduce your foster child to the sport of roller skating. The atmosphere is light and fun and the rink also features a cafe and snack bar. There are skating lessons and SkateFit that you can sign your foster child up for if they want to get more serious about things. 



Haigh Woodland Park Is the Kind of Place Kids Can Spend Hours In


If you’re looking for an outdoor activity that can fill a morning or afternoon, then a visit to Haigh Woodland Park is perfect. Not only does it get them outside and into the fresh air, but it is also billed as a unique family-friendly attraction. Some of the many available activities include Crazy Golf, FootGolf, high ropes, adventure golf, zip-lining, climbing frames, swings, and plenty of other activities.  


This park tends to be quite busy during spring and summer, so kids can also have a chance to socialise.  


5 Healthy And Fun Activities To Do With Your Foster Child in Wigan 



Hike at Your Own Pace at Fairy Glen


For kids who like a more laidback outdoor adventure that they can take at their pace and without the crowds, a hike through Fairy Glen is ideal. You’ll often find couples, dog walkers, and families strolling through this lovely nature walk. You can make the trail a bit more interesting by focusing on the wildlife and even trying to spot specific animals, in particular birds. 



Find a Family-Friendly Restaurant Complete with a Kids’ Menu


And after all that activity, your foster child is sure to work up an appetite, so it’s time to explore the family-friendly restaurants in Wigan. As long as there are kids’ menus then you can almost count on there being options that appeal to younger palates and portion sizes that work better for them. 


5 Healthy And Fun Activities To Do With Your Foster Child in Wigan 

Look Into What the Foster Agency Has Arranged


Finally, be sure to look into what your foster agency has going on in terms of activities and events. It seems like there is always something exciting to do, and it’s a great way to connect with other foster carers and children. Picnics, theme park trips, and singing are just some of the great activities that thefca.co.uk arranges for its foster carers and foster children in Wigan. 



These are just some of the great and healthy activities foster carers can do with foster kids in Wigan. 



5 Healthy And Fun Activities To Do With Your Foster Child in Wigan 


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