Home Office Styling Ideas For Working From Home

Remote working in a home office has become an increasingly popular way of working in recent times. And not only because it is the safest option during the pandemic. This is the preferred career choice for millions – me included. If you are planning to embrace it, though, it’s imperative that your home is built and styled to reflect it. Failure to strike the balance between work and leisure will stop you from enjoying either; no one wants to be working from the kitchen table forever right?


Here are eight great yet simple home styling tips that will ensure a happy relationship with the property for years to come.


Home Office Styling Ideas For Working From Home


#1. Choose a property serviced by amenities


Finding the right place to live is obviously the first step to success for everyone. When working from home, you will spend several hours without much company or exercise. Therefore, choosing a building that includes communal spaces and a gym can work wonders. KL Traders Square in Kuala Lumpur, while not in the UK is a great example, as it offers this plus the benefits of living in a busy yet affordable city. It’s ideal for the modern worker. And if your building doesn’t have these modern amenities – think about where you are situated. I live minutes from fields where I can walk the dog, giving me that time out I need when working from home.


#2. Build a home office


If your home is going to double up as a workspace, you’ll need a suitable place to work. In an ideal world, this should be a dedicated home office room that allows you to shut off from the rest of the household. With productivity in mind, opting for a bright colour scheme and lots of light will work wonders. Good organisational features will be required too. This is why compact electronics and a paperless filing system are ideal. I know this first hand – for now I have taken over one half of our lounge/dining room and it is a mess! I have plans to kick the kids out of their playroom (which they rarely use anymore, preferring to use their bedrooms)and turn that space into my own office.


Home Office Styling Ideas For Working From Home

Image by Simon Whitmore for my book Style Your Modern Vintage Home


#3. Embrace nature in the home


When you’re locked in the home for 40+ hours per week, it becomes very easy to become disconnected from nature. The easiest way to overcome this problem is to introduce it into the home. In addition to standard houseplants, you can look for practical solutions. My pallet herb planter, for example, will boost the kitchen aesthetic and your cooking. Using natural materials, like wood tables and shelving helps too. If you have a garden, spend some time in it everyday – eat your lunch outside when the weather is good for starters. We started doing this in lockdown and have kept this routine up all year, even when it is cold.


#4.Create a tech-free zone


As a remote-based worker, you will spend a lot of time inside the home using technology. Creating a designated space where you can disconnect from computers and enjoy a little relaxation is vital. Whether you use the room to listen to an old-school style record player or read some books is up to you. Others like to paint or create art. The key is to find a pastime with no real link to your job, thus creating a real source of escapism. I know I need to work better at this – the plan is to create a snug like space where I am currently working with cool armchairs next to the fire where I can read. I just need to ensure it is not my phone!


#5. Invest in security


Protecting the home is vital for every homeowner. However, the requirement takes on even greater importance when the property houses the items needed to earn a living. Adding Swann CCTV cameras to the home is a smart move. Meanwhile, motion-detection lighting can add a further layer of protection. Of course, if you live in a serviced building, security teams and features are likely to be included with the property.



Home Styling Ideas For Working From Home / Remote Working - Retro Office

Image by Simon Whitmore for my book Style Your Modern Vintage Home


#6. Opt for blackout blinds


Most people that work from home end up working longer hours to compensate for the fact they have no commuting. Moreover, they are likely to be asked to make quick alterations in ‘out of office’ hours. So, when you do get to sleep, it’s vital that your bedroom promotes a good quality of rest. The best blackout curtains¬†will certainly help your situation. A new mattress and fresh bedding should provide even greater support.¬†


#7. Add curb appeal


You spend a lot of time inside the home, especially when working from it. However, your thoughts towards it come flooding in as soon as it enters your sight. Therefore, adding a little curb appeal can work wonders. This is another area where a little nature can do great things. Meanwhile, a new front door colour can inject a fresh energy. Depending on the type of property, mailboxes, front lawns, and guttering may be used.


Home Styling Ideas For Working From Home / Remote Working - Retro Office


#8. Focus on efficiency


When adapting the home to meet work commitments, function often takes priority over appearance. As such, adding features that can help you save money is a wise move. Energy-efficient tools can range from Smart tech to draft excluders or water tank jackets. Greener toilets, LED lights, and instant boiling water taps are further options. In many cases, those modern updates make the home feel futuristic and homely.


As far as colour schemes, floor layouts, and furniture choices in your home office are concerned, remote working isn’t a major factor so, you can continue to build the cosy environment you love. And when you’re happy with the homely aspects as well as the workspace, it will be a recipe for long-term success.


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