Good Reasons To Spend More Time Online (Even When You’re Not A Fan Of Tech)

Technology sometimes gets a bad rap but there’s no doubt that it has saved us in the last year. Thanks to tech, we have been able to work, keep in touch with loved ones and amuse ourselves while staying at home. It can be a challenge to get your head around living in a world where technology rules, but there are advantages. In this guide, we’ll explore some good reasons to spend more time online. 


Good Reasons To Spend More Time Online (Even When You're Not A Fan Of Tech)


Celebrating creativity and seeking inspiration


We tend to think of increased screen time as a negative thing but there are so many constructive ways to spend time online. One of the most significant advantages for creative types and those who like to while away hours conjuring up ideas for fabulous interior design plans or vintage outfits is gaining access to sources of inspiration. Some people will struggle to take a blank canvas and transform it into a visual delight while others enjoy building on ideas they’ve seen to create their own plans, designs or mood boards. The Internet provides access to endless resources for seeking inspiration and it also enables us to share opinions and thoughts with others and engage in communication with like-minded souls. 


Training and learning

In times gone by, you had to sit in a classroom or sign up for a college course or night classes to gain qualifications or expand your skill set. Now, thanks to the web, you can study at home, you can combine working and learning and you can develop your skills and career prospects by undertaking all kinds of workshops and virtual courses. You can also access learning resources to help you research and expand your knowledge base. 


Good Reasons To Spend More Time Online (Even When You're Not A Fan Of Tech)



Screen-time has increased dramatically over the last 12 months as people have turned to the Internet and popular apps to stream films and TV series, play games, listen to music and chat with friends and new virtual companions. While many people were furloughed or working fewer hours and weekend plans were put on ice, the web provided a treasure trove of activities and entertainment options to keep boredom at bay and prevent isolation. 



Lockdown measures are easing and we can now see more people in the flesh, but many of us have adapted to online communications and will continue to chat online and make video calls in the months ahead. The web can bring families and groups of friends together in an instant without weeks of planning and throwing dates around and it also provides opportunities for people who can’t get out and about or socialise easily with ways to meet friends and forge relationships. 


Good Reasons To Spend More Time Online (Even When You're Not A Fan Of Tech)

You may not be the biggest fan of technology or want it to take over your home, but there are significant advantages to spending time online. Surfing and using apps open you up to a whole world of opportunities. Whether you’re a creative person, you want to learn or gain qualifications, you need inspiration to fill your time or you want to stay in touch with friends and family, there are many positive reasons for increasing screen time. 



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