Why You Need A Smartphone Alongside Your Vintage Telephone

When it comes to vintage house design, most of us will use a vintage telephone as a centrepiece to be noticed. We’ll place it on a coffee table surrounded by decor of the same period, and we’ll treat it as a piece of artwork instead of a functioning phone (my collection is on display in a glass-fronted display cabinet in the hall). Of course many people go all-in with their vintage home and will actually use a vintage telephone just to take and receive calls. It’s obviously not ideal – there are no star buttons to press for example!


Vintage telephone collection

My phone collection as featured in my book


So if you’re still using a vintage phone, we’ve got a couple of tips to help convince you that a smartphone is ideal to use alongside that rotary beauty!


Your home might be vintage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use technology


When people go all-in with their vintage decor design, it’s understandable that they’d prefer not to have a regular plastic telephone on their coffee table or desk. It ruins the vintage illusion and if your vintage phone works, why would you replace it?

However, just because you love vintage stuff, it doesn’t mean that you should use an outdated telephone. It doesn’t come with many modern features and it can often be a pain to use. In fact, many people these days don’t even call landline phones, opting to use a mobile phone number instead since people generally keep their smartphones with them at all times.


Smartphones are incredibly versatile and can save you money


If you check websites like LatestDeals.co.uk/guides, you’ll find that smartphones are actually very affordable these days and will help you save a lot of money compared to a regular phone line. This is especially true if you don’t use technology much. For example, if you don’t access the internet very often, then it’s usually cheaper to just use your smartphone’s data instead of renting a telephone line for broadband or fibre internet.


There are loads of useful features on a smartphone that can help you appreciate your home


You’d be surprised at how many great apps there are on your smartphone that can help you appreciate and show off your vintage home. For example, you can take pictures on a quality smartphone and then upload them to websites such as Instagram and Pinterest to get noticed and share your designs.

Another great feature is being able to take pictures of vintage furniture for the purpose of listing it to tell. Alternatively, you could take pictures of your home and use them as a reference to find new pieces to add to your home. You can even use AR technology in some cases to preview what it’d look like.


Loving vintage doesn’t mean living in the past

At the end of the day, modern gadgets such as a smartphone are here to make your life easier. Despite how much time you may have put into your vintage home, using newer technology can make your life a lot more convenient. This alone makes it worth upgrading your regular phone to a smartphone.


For a long time, I had a modern landline phone tucked away, to use when I called a help desk. We have now ditched that as my smartphone is all I need. However – my vintage phones are here to stay too!


Why You Need A Smartphone Alongside Your Vintage Telephone


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