3 Cool 21st Century Modern Gadgets For Your Vintage Home

If you are keen to maintain a clean and comfortable vintage environment within your home, you may need to embrace the more modern gadgets and gizmos that technological advancements have given us. While quite the juxtaposition, the twenty first century tech can help us create a warm, smart, and inviting interior that we adore. To complement your Danish teak mid-century furniture, your 1960s inspired geometric wallpaper, and the period features within your humble abode, check out these cool gadgets for your vintage pad.


Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a must-have in the twenty first century. For those of us who want to be sustainable and exude eco-credentials, wasting energy is a massive no-no. We want to be saving energy and living a more green lifestyle. A smart thermostat complete with a complimentary app will enable you to achieve the most ambient temperature for your home. Gone are the days of coming home from work only to enter a furnace. And gone are the days of venturing home from a day out with the family, only to experience Baltic-like chills. From anywhere in the world, you can control the temperature of your pad as long as you have a decent WiFi connection and the relevant app downloaded onto your smartphone. If it is an unusually hot day during winter, turn your thermostat down. This saves you money and helps you to do your bit to save the planet.


3 Cool 21st Century Gadgets For Your Vintage Home


Robot Vacuum

If your home is awash with oak floorboards, plush carpet, and a vintage rug or two, the chances of hair and dust developing is high. To combat this you could use the latest incarnation of a Dyson or you might use the steam vacuums that sanitise your flooring. However, for the ultimate clean, the Roborock gadget is second to none. You don’t have to lift a finger as you set this little cleaning creature off to work its magic. A robot vacuum will do everything that your regular alternative does but in a more intelligent way. With sensors on its body, it will work out the dimensions of your rooms and cover every inch of square footage to pick up the dust and debris from every single place in your home. You can even set your robot vacuum to work prior to leaving the house for work and you’ll have a perfectly clean pad by the time you return in the evening.


3 Cool 21st Century Gadgets For Your Vintage Home


Smart TV

Smart TVs are super intelligent in the twenty first century. You no longer have to endure a clunky set-top box if you don’t want to with everything being built into your flatscreen. Many smart TVs come with a whole host of entertainment apps such as YouTube and Netflix. Sign up to Amazon Prime or Apple TV and your flatscreen TV will give you hours of family entertainment meaning that your kids will never get bored ever again. Go for a TV that isn’t too large for your room size. While a seventy two inch might be the dream, this could ruin the ambiance of your cute little snug! 


How To Choose A Modern Smart TV For Your Vintage Home


However a TV can be a nightmare to style with your vintage collectables (I hear you on this!) my advice is to just embrace it. Yes my SMART TV doesn’t look great on my sideboard but we love watching films together as a family so I have just got over it being there!


Follow this guide and embrace what modern technology has to offer, to help you create the perfect modern vintage eclectic interior for your home.


3 Cool 21st Century Gadgets For Your Vintage Home

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