Overhauling Your Home And Don’t Know Where To Start? 3 Tips For Renovation

It’s often said that, for someone stuck in a rut, a change of scenery is what’s best such as a home renovation. Especially after a year or more in lockdown, it’s easy to see how that would sound good to a lot of us right now. And yet, being stuck in that rut is often the very reason that we’re not sure how best to achieve the change of scenery. When you’re not entirely sure how to change something, there are potential risks everywhere: you could make a choice just for the sake of it, only to end up hating it; or you could end up just leaving things because you can’t decide.


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Let’s take it as read that you are going to make a change in your home. You’ve been thinking about it long enough and it’s clear you’re not happy with things the way they are. When you’re not sure what your next step should be, how do you move ahead and make the changes you so clearly need? Below, we’ll look at three possibilities that could be the ways to unlock the potential for your change of scenery. Hopefully one of these will work for you.


Leave the tough stuff to someone else


Sometimes it is simply making the choice that stresses us out, and that association is something that doesn’t just go away the moment you make a decision – it can stick with us even after the work is complete. In the end, you link the finished product with the hellish process of getting there and you’re not happy with it. Calling in interior designers such as April Hamilton can be a perfect way to get the ball rolling – sometimes the initial idea is the toughest part of planning a renovation, so leave that bit to someone else.


Do it a bit at a time


It’s exceptionally difficult to run a marathon if you’ve never run for anything more than a bus before. Embarking on a renovation is a bit like that – if you’re going from step one to endgame immediately, it’s going to seem like a gargantuan task and you’ll either lose time agonising over every decision, or you’ll make too many hasty choices just to get them out of the way. Alternatively, you could start by just doing a single room – a bedroom or a smaller one like the bathroom – and see how that goes. To make it even smaller, sometimes just replacing a table or a sideboard can make a difference – and if you want, you can pick up pace from there. And if you need some help, check out renovation companies such as Home Renovation London


Overhauling Your Home And Don't Know Where To Start? 3 Tips For Renovation


Make a competition out of it


Where once we had pinboards, these days we have Pinterest – although pinboards still work and can be useful for a 3D, solid representation of what you’re trying to do. Cutting out pictures of home design touches you like, and then putting them against one another to see which ones give you the most positive feeling, can help with making the tough choices. Better yet, as you start to play these choices against one another you’ll jog the creative juices in your brain and start to have ideas of your own. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration!



Overhauling Your Home And Don't Know Where To Start? 3 Tips For Renovation


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