Five Simple Tips For An Instant “Green” Eco Home

According to Forbes in 2020, all homes could have the potential to be fully sustainable by 2030. A revolution is upon us, and with that comes the very realistic possibility of being able to switch your current home, to modern high-tech systems that not only feed our homes with unlimited energy, but offer the planet a kinder solution too. Even with limited supplies and finances, the eco home tips that you can undertake to create a sustainable home do not have to be difficult. In fact, some could not be simpler. If you are interested in adopting better strategies and implementing greener solutions, please find the top 5 tips that you can begin today.


1. Decorate sustainably

Today you will find an abundance of sustainable materials for an eco home, from non-toxic green paint and plenty of wallpapers that are made from recycled materials. If you do want to tackle the decoration of your home and make it more ecologically friendly you must consider buying some great Decorators Overalls. In addition to this, look at buying furniture that is upcycled, second hand/vintage or made of sustainable materials, such as bamboo or even marble! This is the first major tip to creating an instant green home.


Vintage G Plan Mid Century Desk


2. Water saving

Many countries have a desperate water shortage, and this may rise during the summer months, when droughts are expected. Therefore, the amount of water that each household needs should be reduced. Use less water when washing dishes or when bathing. When the children shower, they should be taught intelligent use to ensure that this is instilled into them at a young and impressionable age. Another action that can help save water is installing faucets. Use water butts outside – you may be able to pick one up from free sites or cheaply on Facebook Marketplace.


3. Become organic

Grow your own home vegetables and herbs with one simple step. This can be implemented with yogurt pots on your windowsills. This contributes to a healthier planet and body, therefore there is no denying its benefits for the home. If you have more space, how about making raised beds outside or a herb planter from pallets.


How To Make A Pallet Herb Planter


4. Smart use of electricity

Electricity is a very expensive source today, but it is also becoming the driving force behind many new ecological advancements. Electric cars being one of them, of course. Be frugal with your electricity consumption and you will notice a difference in your bill too. Turn the power off, unplug your chargers, turn off the TV! Another recommendation is to install a solar water heater instead of an electric water heater if you live in a hot country.


5. Consumption culture

So many of us are used to buying everything in abundance, even if some items are not needed. You can show your family members videos that are online about why we should consume less and how it has an ecological impact on the environment and our future. In addition, teach them to buy second hand instead of buying a new product. It is important to preserve the environment and encourage greener consumption for the generations ahead.


What are you doing to be greener in your home?

Five Simple Tips For An Instant "Green" Eco Home

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