5 simple ways to create a cosy house this Winter

When the wind is howling outside and the rain is lashing at the windows like it is right now, there’s nothing better than curling up at home wrapped in a warm blanket and enjoying some much needed time indoors. Whether you hate the colder months of the year and would much prefer to hibernate (like me!) until they’re over, or you simply love Winter and want to embrace every aspect of it – we all love coming home to a comfortable and cosy house. 

Wondering how you can make your home extra cosy this winter? Read on for 5 simple, but effective ideas to get a cosy home. 


5 simple ways to create a cosy house home this Winter -


Update those skirting boards 

Granted, it doesn’t sound like the most obvious way to make your home cosy this winter but freshening up your skirting boards will actually make an impressive difference. Whether you choose to repaint and revive your old skirting boards or purchase new skirting boards from skirtings r us, you’ll be making a stylish and smart improvement to your home that will not only look good but protect your walls from all those inevitable bumps and scrapes! 


Introduce some seasonal scents 

Adding some seasonal and sensational scents into your home will certainly give the comfort factor a much needed boost. From diffusers to plug ins, scented candles to room sprays there are loads of ways you can add depth to your home and create a cosy atmosphere. This winter opt for scents that are bursting with cinnamon, sweet vanilla or even the scent of freshly baked cookies. 


5 simple ways to create a cosy house home this Winter - candles


Invest in some rugs 

Rugs add depth to any room, as well as texture and another level of comfort. They also work well as insulators and keep our rooms warm. It’s a win, win! By simply adding a few rugs in your home, you can dramatically change the look of each room with minimal effort. Go for rich colours and thick shaggy textures for the ultimate in comfort and cosiness. 


5 simple ways to create a cosy house home this Winter - Mid Century Lounge


Lighting is your new best friend 

With dark mornings and even darker evenings, updating the lighting in your home is an absolute must. But instead of choosing bright, stark lights, opt for table lamps and standing lamps that will fill corners with a warm, generous glow. If you have dark gloomy corners then a stylish lamp will certainly banish any darkness. And, fairy lights aren’t just for the festive season! Decorating your fireplace or even the area around your bed with twinkling lights will add a sense of magic and comfort. 


5 simple ways to create a cosy house home this Winter - Mid Century Lounge


Introduce new throws and pillows 

In the summer months, it’s normal to want to keep everything stripped back and cool. But now winter is here, and you have comfort in mind, it’s all about layering. Throws and pillows are the perfect addition to any sofa space, you can play around with colours that match your current colour scheme or keep it festive with rich reds and triumphant golds. Keeping a basket aside for storing a selection of cosy blankets that will also encourage family and guests alike to get comfy and cosy! 


Velvet cushions


Are you a Winter person? Or are you counting down the days until Summer? Is your home a cosy house?

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5 simple ways to create a cosy house this Winter

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