8 Steps To Creating A Lovelier Home To Enjoy In 2022

We all want to be happy in our home and like where we live. But for many, this will mean putting some effort into enhancing your property. Making a better home to live in will take time and attention to detail. However, with a little focus and some creative inspiration, you too can take your home to the next level. There are eight steps to creating a lovelier home to enjoy that you can follow to help you achieve this goal and ensure it becomes a place you truly love to spend time in.


1. Clean & Tidy up

One step to creating a lovelier home to enjoy is to clean and tidy up. Commit to a regular cleaning schedule and keep your supplies nearby and handy so you can wipe up messes as you go. You’ll feel less overwhelmed and stressed out when you live in a home that’s comfortable and pleasing to look at. Get the whole family involved so that you’re not the only one doing all the chores and can keep up. Remember to also tackle the areas you tend to ignore such as closets, the basement, and even the garage.


8 Steps To Creating A Lovelier Home To Enjoy


2. Decorate & Rearrange

Another step to creating a lovelier home to enjoy is to decorate and rearrange. Start by focusing on the front entrance so you can make a good first impression immediately. For instance, you can add small pieces of furniture, place down a rug, and paint your front door an interesting and beautiful colour. You may also want to look into taking floristry courses and workshops so you can have wreaths or bouquets to hang and display. Adding more plants and elements from nature will help your home not only look better but give it a sense of peace and calm.


3. Apply New Paint

If you want to create a lovelier home to enjoy then you should also think about applying new paint throughout your spaces. Painting is a budget-friendly and practical way to bring new life to your home and will make it look more modern and fresh. Bring home paint samples and put different colours on the walls before you choose a particular shade so you can be sure it’s the right choice. You can use paint to brighten up your home as well if you go with neutral shades that are lovely and inviting. You may also want to paint your trim white or add an accent wall in some rooms as additional ways to effectively improve your home.


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4. Add More Lighting Options

Draw in as much natural light as possible to create a lovelier home to enjoy. Add more lighting options overall so that you always have choices when it comes to illuminating your spaces. Consider putting lights on dimmer switches, replacing old and dingy light covers, and installing new and more contemporary light fixtures in each room. You’ll appreciate being able to set the right tone and mood depending on the time of day and what you’re up to at the time. Your home will look brighter and be more welcoming and you’ll also likely find that your mood improves when you have the right type of modern lighting solutions in place.


5. Dress up Your Windows

You should also pay attention to and dress up your windows for a lovelier home. Start by cleaning them so that they look nicer and you are able to bring in a lot of natural light. Then embellish them by installing blinds or cellular shades and adding curtains where it makes sense. Hang your curtains high to make your ceilings look taller and to instill a sense of luxury to the rooms in your home. Curtains are also a great way and opportunity to add a pop of colour and interest or texture to your spaces.

Window seats make a lovely and functional addition to any room, offering extra seating and storage while making use of otherwise wasted space. Building one using plywood sheets is simple. Add a plush cushion and decorative pillows for the ultimate window seat ambiance, adding character and providing a cozy spot to relax, read or just take in the view outside your window.


6. Rip Out Old Carpeting

Your floors also have an impact on how your home looks and feels overall. Therefore, you should take a look at your current flooring and be prepared to replace it if necessary. Commit to ripping out old and stained carpeting and installing more modern and updated options such as luxury vinyl planks and tile. You can always place down area rugs to add warmth and comfort. If you do decide to stick with carpet and install a brand new option then make it a point to keep it clean and in good shape throughout the years.


8 Steps To Creating A Lovelier Home To Enjoy

7. Purge & Declutter

Take the take to purge and declutter when considering how you can create a lovelier home to enjoy. Now is your chance to go through all your belongings and rooms and get rid of what you no longer need. Make room for the items you use and want to have around and you’ll find your home soon looks neater and more organised. Tackle cupboards, small spaces, and drawers to truly make an impact and make your life easier by being able to find what you need more quickly. You may want to aim for a minimalist lifestyle and a home with clean lines if you want to feel more relaxed and at ease each day in and around your property. You won’t have to stare at a mess daily and you’ll be able to maintain order in your home more effortlessly when you have less stuff to deal with.


8. Make it Smell Good

Create a lovelier home to enjoy by making it smell good. You can light candles, use essential oils or do some baking in your kitchen to ensure this holds true. Eliminate odours the best you can regularly and open the windows when the weather is nice to let in some fresh air. Burn incense sticks every so often to not only improve the smell but also as a way to find your zen. You can make your own freshening spray to use when you want your home to smell better in a hurry. Also, make sure you clean your garbage disposal once in a while. Your home will always smell better when you’re consistent about vacuuming and cleaning as well. 


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