How to Use Festoon Lighting in Your Garden

Enjoying your garden in the winter months can be difficult when the sun sets so early, plunging your garden into darkness as early as 4 p.m. Of course, there’s also the chilly temperatures and unpredictable weather if you live in the UK! Despite these problems, there are ways you can continue to enjoy your garden throughout the year, and one of these methods is to use festoon lighting to banish the darkness and create a cosy, inviting atmosphere. 


How to Use Festoon Lighting in Your Garden


What is festoon lighting?

Festoon lighting is a form of string lighting that consists of lightbulbs hanging on a cable. These lights are often found at outdoor parties and events – the word ‘festoon’ comes from the Latin word ‘festum’, meaning feast, so festoon lighting’s association with parties is particularly strong!


Festoon lighting can be bought from a wide variety of retailers, so if you decide to try out this type of lighting in your garden, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. In particular, Ultra LEDs provides a range of outdoor festoon lights to brighten up your garden for any occasion. There’s a wide selection of different shapes and colours to suit your preferences, and all of their bulbs have energy-saving capabilities to lower your electricity bills.


What are festoon lights for?

As mentioned earlier, festoon lights are perfect for creating a party atmosphere in your garden. If you’re hosting an outdoor party, then festoon lights are the best choice for decoration and also for keeping the space illuminated as the party goes on into the evening. You can also buy rainbow coloured festoon lights to really help you get into the party spirit!


However, you don’t have to throw a party to enjoy festoon lighting. These lights can be used around any outdoor seating area to provide light in the evening – perfect for some nighttime reading in the garden or a chat with friends around the firepit! You could choose bright white lighting if your garden gets really dark, or you could opt for warmer bulbs to create a soft, romantic glow.


How to Use Festoon Lighting in Your Garden

How do you hang them up?


Festoon lighting is easy to install, so you’ll have your garden decor ready in no time. If you prefer environmentally friendly options, you can find solar powered festoon lights, but there are also lots of battery-powered and mains powered bulbs. 

Once you’ve got the power sorted, you’ll just need to figure out where to hang your festoon lights. If you have a pergola, this is a great place to hang your lights, but you can also hang them along walls or fences or between trees. Hanging festoon lights around a seating area in your garden is a fantastic idea if you like to entertain guests or simply enjoy sitting in your garden with a book and cup of tea.


If you’re looking for lighting solutions for your garden, then festoon lights could be the perfect choice for you. These lights are great as party decorations or just to brighten up your outside space, and hanging them in your garden is incredibly easy and stress-free. 


How to Use Festoon Lighting in Your Garden



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