3 Big 2022 DIY Trends For Your Home

The last two years have seen an increase in DIYers and as we move into 2022 it is looking like many people are looking to continue this trend. We all want to make our homes comfy, cosy, polished and clean, and with this comes expense but DIY allows us to make our dream home at a lower cost. According to a survey run by Chums in 2021 DIY skills are something we’d all like to brush up on and what better way to do this than by putting the skills into practice with these 2022 DIY trends. 


3 Big 2022 DIY Trends For Your Home

DIY Trends #1 – Pottery 

With programmes such as The Great Pottery Throw Down growing in popularity it’s no wonder pottery makes the top of the trends list in 2022.  

Many people think of clay pottery creations made on a spinning wheel (like in the film Ghost) but the good news is to create accessories for the home you do not need to invest in such items. Materials such as air dry and polymer clay will allow you to create some personal works of heart at little cost with several different colours of clay available from £2.75 in large hobby stores. 

Below are some pottery ideas to inspire your creations: 

  • Candleholder/sticks 
  • Jewellery box 
  • Ornaments 
  • Vase 
  • Soapdish 


3 Big 2022 DIY Trends For Your Home

DIY Trends #2 – Upcycling Furniture 

This has been an ongoing trend for the last few years for sustainability reasons which perhaps makes this less of a trend and more the new normal! 

Upcycling furniture is a great way to save money and still be ‘on-trend’, as it can be expensive to be trendy year after year. To upcycle an item, you will need sandpaper, furniture paint, brushes or fabric – this is dependent on the material of the item you plan to upcycle. 

Some of the best items to upcycle are: 

  • Dining chairs 
  • Desk 
  • Nest tables 
  • Bedframes 
  • Armchairs 


3 Big 2022 DIY Trends For Your Home

DIY Trends #3 – Storage 

One issue many people seem to have around the home is that of storage, especially if you live in a tight space or have a large family. Storage boxes and building extra space can be expensive but there are some handy DIY tricks to help create more space without having to clear your space of items.  

Television shows about making the most of space are available on all TV streaming sites and they offer some great tips and inspiration. The tools and skills required to create the spaces can vary so it is important to educate yourself before trying your hand at some of these DIY projects, however, some simple ideas are outlined below: 

  • Baskets on the wall 
  • Create labelled jars for laundry products 
  • Create wall mounts to hold bikes and tools 
  • Use old crates for boxes 
  • Build a cubby hole bench 


There are plenty of clever ways to create more space and decorate the home using crafty DIY skills and finding the inspiration is simple, especially on social platforms such as Pinterest and YouTube. Be sure to share your creations using #HomeRepairSkills 


3 Big 2022 DIY Trends For Your Home


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