10 Menopause Facts That Women (And Men) Need To Know


There are many facts about menopause and perimenopause that women (and men) do not know. Here I share 10 menopause facts with you.


Ten menopause facts that women (and men) need to know.


Fact one: the average age of perimenopause is between forty-two and forty-seven.

Fact two: the guidelines for doctors in the UK is that if you are over forty-five and presenting symptoms you should be treated for perimenopause and menopause.

Fact three: you can be perimenopausal and still have regular periods.

Fact four: you’re not through it until you haven’t had a period for a year and a day.

Fact five: when you’re through it you’ll never get your hormones back so you will always be deficient.

Fact six: only half the medical schools in the UK teach menopause as compulsory.

Fact seven: one in four women don’t get any symptoms.

Fact eight: older generations did suffer from menopause – they were told to shut up and if it was before the 1950s they would run the risk of being put into an asylum.

Fact nine: HRT is not bad, the reports from the early noughties were debunked in the late noughties.

Fact ten: menopause does not need to be suffered. We can get help and support. We need it. We deserve it. Ask for it.



If you feel that any of these apply, please visit your doctor to get help and support.


10 Menopause Facts That Women (And Men) Need To Know



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