A-Z Of Menopause: How To Get Support From Your Doctor


Welcome to the A-Z of Menopause, this is D for Doctors.



How To Deal With Doctors


Only 46% of medical schools in the UK have menopause as a compulsory subject; meaning that 54% of medical schools in the UK have it as a choice.

This means that some people will not learn about menopause. This affects 51% of the population…


Also, consider that many doctors have out-of-date menopause training and knowledge.

By maybe 20 years…


And loads of information has been debunked since back then.


So if you’re struggling to get support from your doctor..


Do these things,


  • When you phone for an appointment, ask for the doctor with the most up-to-date menopause training,
  • Track your symptoms in advance and take them with you,
  • Do not leave until you are heard, seen, listened to, and taken seriously,
  • If you get nowhere, ask to see another doctor,
  • Ask to be referred to a menopause specialist,
  • And if you still don’t get anywhere, complain to the practice manager.


You have a fundamental right to be treated for perimenopause and menopause.

Don’t take no for an answer!



The most important thing you can do if you’re struggling is to talk to somebody, talk to your partner, talk to your friend, talk to a doctor, talk to a menopause specialist, talk to someone.


And if you’ve got no one to talk to, have a look at the link in my TikTok bio for my community, because that can help you too.


It’s called Bossing Midlife.


If you are struggling with menopause, please visit your doctor to get help and support.


A-Z Of Menopause: How To Get Support From Your Doctor



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