Nostalgia 1930s photo exhibition by Jez Brown and Sarah Dunn at Bedford as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog

Nostalgia, a 1930s inspired exhibition

Last Saturday, we popped into Bedford to enjoy the cinema, Pizza Express but also to see a new exhibition called Nostalgia, featuring the photography of Jez Brown and styling of Sarah Dunn from Sarah’s Doo-Wop Dos. The model October Divine is the face of Nostalgia It is a stunning exhibition of 1930s inspired black and […]

Vintage fashion worn by Kate Beavis 4

My Vintage Fashion Round Up

Well another week has passed, and I am still enjoying rediscovering my wardrobe. And interestingly I am not feeling like I need to go shopping as it has become very clear that I have a lot of clothes!!! For anyone new to my blog: I am doing #dressupjune embracing my vintage fashion daily, and generally […]

Vintage ceramic bird from Box of Frogs as featured on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog

Make a Little Bird cage in Your Soul

I seem to be attracting the birds recently! There’s something about a bird motif that makes me happy, and they seem to be everywhere right now. On a recent trip to the local tip I found this vintage bird lampshade, which was tweeting out to me to be rescued. The lamp didn’t work so I […]

Vintage Midas of Miami bag worn by Kate Beavis

My Vintage Fashion Round Up

Last week was hot, it was cold and boy did it rain! I managed some vintage fashion every day as part of #dressupjune. Here is what I wore: Monday I wore an original 1960s day dress with a cherry motif all over with a matching belt. So often reproduction clothing embraces the cherry, so I […]

Kate Beavis vintage 1950s 1960s bedroom

My Vintage Bedroom

We decorated our vintage bedroom a few years ago as part of our 5 year renovation of our 1920s home. However, it never felt calm, which I really wanted for this room. I love white walls so the colour of my vintage collections simply pop out, but this didn’t seem to work here. I think […]

Bexi Owen at Summer of Vintage Festival as seen on Kate Beavis Vintage Home blog

The Summer of Vintage Festival

We realise that there are many vintage festivals happening this summer, indeed any type of festival, but there are very few that you need to go to! And the Summer of Vintage Festival organised by The Vintage Suitcase, is one of those that you should drop everything to go to! On the 1st and 2nd August, […]

Kate Beavis wearing 1950s vintage skirt and bag

My Vintage Fashion Round Up

Well I am now in week 2 of #dressupjune and I am totally loving re-discovering my vintage fashion! I haven’t worn jeans in two weeks, choosing to wear a pretty frock instead! I really hope I continue this beyond June as I feel better, more confident and let’s face it, a pretty vintage outfit makes […]

Vintage inspired lighting by Ikea as seen on Kate Beavis Home blog

Best Buys: Vintage lighting

Vintage lighting is a hard choice to make as it often needs re-wiring. All vintage sellers should do this for you before selling (and PAT test it) which can put the price up for you, the customer. So make sure you check before buying as it is so important you get a safe purchase. There […]

Vintage Kate Beavis in vintage jaeger and Burberry

My Vintage Fashion Round Up

I started #dressupjune last Monday to encourage myself and others to ditch their jeans and embrace their vintage fashion. I’ve kept it up all week and here is what I’ve been wearing! First up is a vintage French dress bought at a car boot sale, a vintage Jaegar jacket, Lotta from Stockholm clogs (bought through Amazon) […]

Vintage costume jewellery from Kate Beavis

My favourite vintage jewellery

As discussed earlier this week, I have recently started to sort through all my clothing and jewellery, ready for the impending paint job my spare room is getting. My jewellery was everywhere, so I spent a good hour or two going through all pieces and putting them away in my Danish sewing box. And boy […]

Vintage fashion; Jean Allen 1960s dress, Jaeger jacket, Marks and Spencer box bag, Lotta from Stockholm clogs worn by Kate Beavis

Vintage Fashion on the school run?

Last week I have cleared out my spare room, which doubles up as my dressing room, ready for decorating. It’s one of the last rooms to be done in our five year renovation project and I’m really looking forward to creating my 1970s meets 1920s boudoir! However, what was clear is that I have a […]

Succulent plants in Dialene Better Maid plant pots by Kate Beavis Vintage Home

Succulents in vintage plant pots

To me, the current trend for succulent house plants is very retro. Remember in the 1970s when we all had huge cheese plants? We had one in a large copper coal scuttle that sat all raggedy up to the ceiling for years and years. Then there were tumbling plants sitting in three-tiered macrame, reminding us […]

Vintage kitchen pyrex by Kate Beavis Vintage Home (photo by Simon Whitmore for FW Media)

Vintage Kitchen Brands That Have Stood the Test of Time

As a vintage collector, writer and seller, there are brands of kitchenware that I just love and cannot resist buying. Interestingly my favourites have been in production for many decades and are still made and admired today. Pyrex The American company Corning Incorporated, developed a toughened glass that could withstand extreme heat at the start […]

mid_century_chic Mid Century Bathroom from Kate Beavis Vintage Home

Style your mid century bathroom

For regular readers out there, you will know that we have been refurbishing our home over the last few years. We bought a 1920s house 4 years ago, that was stuck in the 1960s. While we love this era, 1960s wiring and damp aren’t exactly desirable! Well it is almost complete with just one room […]

Babycham's 1950s vintage style shoes reviewed by Kate Beavis

1950s vintage style shoes from Babycham

Yes you heard right, this blog is about vintage style shoes from Babycham Footwear. They recently contacted me to ask me to try some of their shoes and to select my favourite. To be honest I had no idea they even made shoes, but as one of my most popular blogs, You’re Beautiful My Deer […]

Orla Kiely coffee jars for Douwe Egberts as styled by Kate Beavis Vintage Home

Orla Kiely’s coffee jars for Douwe Egberts

The designer, Orla Kiely famed for her retro pattern has produced a range of coffee jars for the premium coffee brand Douwe Egberts. It is a marketing master stroke as so many of us are buying the jars to keep forever, yet still will then try the coffee. For me, it definitely worked as I […]

vintage potting shed using vegetable racks by Kate Beavis

10 good looking yet practical ideas for your vintage home

Us vintage loving people tend to concentrate on the beauty of our treasures in our home rather than creating practical spaces or clever storage. Let’s face it, most of the time we want our items out on display and often create a somewhat cluttered space, albeit one full of wonderful things! Here are some ideas […]

Freddies of Pinewood's Grease Monkey denim junp suit reviewed by Kate Beavis

Vintage style denim: Freddies of Pinewood

I have admired the Freddies of Pinewood’s Grease Monkey denim jump suit for some time. To be honest, when gifted a pair last year I didn’t feel confident to wear them. Silly really, as let’s face it, women of all shapes and sizes look great in their vintage style Freddies jeans. They are super flattering, […]

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