mid_century_chic Mid Century Bathroom from Kate Beavis Vintage Home

Style your mid century bathroom

For regular readers out there, you will know that we have been refurbishing our home over the last few years. We bought a 1920s house 4 years ago, that was stuck in the 1960s. While we love this era, 1960s wiring and damp aren’t exactly desirable! Well it is almost complete with just one room […]

Babycham's 1950s vintage style shoes reviewed by Kate Beavis

1950s vintage style shoes from Babycham

Yes you heard right, this blog is about vintage style shoes from Babycham Footwear. They recently contacted me to ask me to try some of their shoes and to select my favourite. To be honest I had no idea they even made shoes, but as one of my most popular blogs, You’re Beautiful My Deer […]

Orla Kiely coffee jars for Douwe Egberts as styled by Kate Beavis Vintage Home

Orla Kiely’s coffee jars for Douwe Egberts

The designer, Orla Kiely famed for her retro pattern has produced a range of coffee jars for the premium coffee brand Douwe Egberts. It is a marketing master stroke as so many of us are buying the jars to keep forever, yet still will then try the coffee. For me, it definitely worked as I […]

vintage potting shed using vegetable racks by Kate Beavis

10 good looking yet practical ideas for your vintage home

Us vintage loving people tend to concentrate on the beauty of our treasures in our home rather than creating practical spaces or clever storage. Let’s face it, most of the time we want our items out on display and often create a somewhat cluttered space, albeit one full of wonderful things! Here are some ideas […]

Freddies of Pinewood's Grease Monkey denim junp suit reviewed by Kate Beavis

Vintage style denim: Freddies of Pinewood

I have admired the Freddies of Pinewood’s Grease Monkey denim jump suit for some time. To be honest, when gifted a pair last year I didn’t feel confident to wear them. Silly really, as let’s face it, women of all shapes and sizes look great in their vintage style Freddies jeans. They are super flattering, […]

Vintage Fashion at the Festival of Vintage as senn on kate Beavis blog

The Festival of Vintage is this weekend!

There’s No Time Like the Past at York Racecourse this weekend-Celebrating 4 decades of Vintage Style! Alas we won’t be there this year as we are running the London National Vintage Wedding Fair which is a real shame – it looks like being the best one yet! The Festival of Vintage is back for the […]

Tu at Sainsburys Vintage Style dress worn with vintage accessories plus Lotta of Sweden clogsby Kate Beavis

Tu at Sainsbury’s Vintage Style Dress

Today I’m wearing a new dress by Tu at Sainsburys which has a real vintage vibe. Infact they have a few dresses in stock right now that are great modern versions of a classic style. And as you know I like to mix my vintage with modern, and this is a great style to do […]

vintage handbags and clogs from Kate Beavis

10 Vintage Fashion Wardrobe Staples

I have an eclectic vintage fashion taste. While some dress to one era (which I am quite envious of) I prefer to mix it all up. I love my fashion too much to stick to one era, I love the fit and flare styles of the 1950s, but then again I love a 1970s peasant […]

Sarah Maguire's Vintage Eclectic Retro Upcucled Home shared by Kate Beavis

Get The Look: A colourful vintage home

I love Instagram, I literally cannot stop looking at the wonderful photos that vintage loving people have taken all over the world. On one of my regular visits, a beautiful, colourful home caught my eye and I knew in an instant that I wanted to share it with you all. What is interesting about this […]

vintage floral flower style trunk from The Basket Company reviewed by Kate Beavis Home

Beautiful Vintage Storage

Storage is so important in your home but can we make something so functional look pretty? I don’t know about you but we have so much “stuff” that really needs putting away especially in our children’s rooms. Boy do they have silly amounts of “stuff”! Kitty (aged 4.5) has a really pretty vintage room, which […]

vintage beaded purse bag Play Purse on Kate Beavis

My Vintage Play Purse

Remember those beaded little purses in the 1970s, that you spent hours picking the beads from? My daughter has two and they bring back so many memories. Well imagine if us grown ups could have one. Hell yeah, it turns out we can! Play Purse have created a Play Purse big enough for you  to […]

vintage easter gift ideas from Kate Beavis

10 ways to have a vintage easter

Easter is almost upon us and hopefully for you all, it is a time for family and relaxation. And more than likely copious amounts of chocolate! As I’m sugar free now there will be no egg for me but am definitely looking forward to some family time. With no laptop! Fancy having a vintage Easter? […]

Vintage handmade craft easter wreath by Kate Beavis

How to make a vintage easter wreath

Yesterday I made my first Easter wreath and it was so simple yet really cute, don’t you think? Materials used: A polystyrene ring from Hobbycraft Pins to fasten Vintage lace doilies and tray covers Broken vintage jewellery Vintage buttons Silk and paper flowers Easter bits and bobs from a craft shop such as eggs and […]

back in time for dinner 1960s vintage

The Vintage Edit

My vintage edit: what has been rocking my world in the last seven days. BBC2’s Back in Time For Dinner transports a family back in time to live, and more importantly cook in the 1950s through to the 1990s. This week, they were in the 1960s cooking in an early baby blue fitted kitchen, however […]

orla kiely 1970s style shoes from Clarks

The Vintage Edit

Here’s what has been rocking my world in this week’s Vintage Edit. 1. Possibly the best modern platform shoe I have seen of late and perfect for wearing with your 1970s flares. Designed by Orla Kiely and sold through Clarks. 2. I have fallen in love with the 1950s elegant feel of this Lisha dress […]

pea and mint soup

Living Life Sugar Free

Warning! Bit of a personal blog post coming up! I have made the same resolution year after year to become stronger and fitter but it just hasn’t happened. Not because resolutions are a waste of time but because to be honest I like wine and cheese too much! And both counteract my strength as both […]


Get The Look: modern vintage flares

As us women know only too well, high street shops very rarely stock anything other than what is the latest trend. In the 1990’s, we had the boot cut jean. Then we fell in love with skinny jeans. Sadly, the ‘flare’ had very much become a thing of the past. Until now that is. Following […]

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