vintage retro kids childrens playroom by Kate Beavis

Our Vintage Playroom

An age ago, Sarah wrote a blog post featuting styling ideas for displaying your wall art. Since then I have been meaning to revisit my kids playroom to create a wall for their many creations. They are very lucky to have a playroom (I so wish it was my office) and it was featured in […]

Vintage Styling Tips - Update your winter wardrobe - camel wool coat via Your Vintage Life by Kate Beavis

Vintage Styling Tips: Update Your Winter Wardrobe

As it is getting colder this November, we have a huge excuse to update our wardrobes with some vintage fashion – after all we now NEED that coat or boots or hat don’t we?!?  The weather has dictated it. If your wardrobe is bulging already (our is) what items should you buy to add interest and more importantly be […]

A183A386A263Mid century vintage Ercol day bed at W&H Peacocks by Kate Beavis

Mid Century Vintage Auction: W&H Peacocks

This Saturday sees the return of the bi-annual mid-century auction at W&H Peacocks in Bedford. It has grown so much over the years, that this specialist auction now also happens at Leamington Spa and St Neots. I love this auction as it is packed full of amazing furniture, lighting, ceramics and now, clothing. This time […]

Vintage Styling Tips - Adding value to your vintage loving home - salvaged bath via Your Vintage Life by Kate Beavis

Vintage Styling Tips: Add value to your vintage loving home

Adding a piece into your home that becomes part of the fixtures and fittings can really add value to a vintage loving home.  Whether it be reclaimed flooring, antique doors or handles, cast iron radiators or salvaged pieces they can make any room look the part.  Changing the shell of your home wont just change the look […]

Vintage Styling Tips - curtains - curtain under counters worktops via Your Vintage Life by Kate Beavis

Vintage Styling Tips: Curtain Call

Growing up one of my childhood memories of living in our turn of the century farmhouse, was going round with my sister on winter evening and drawing all the curtains – the sign the house was getting all cosy for the evening.  My mum had sourced all sorts of beautiful vintage fabrics and made curtains […]

vintage retro telephone by Kate Beavis

How Vintage Is Your Home?

So how many of these vintage items do you have in your home? Give yourself a point for each one and let me know your score! 1. A starburst clock 2. Any coloured Tupperware 3. Anything Babycham related 4. Any Tretchikoff print: gain an extra point if you have one that isn’t Tina 5. A […]

Vintage Styling Tips - reclaimed materials - vintage crates as kitchen storage via Your Vintage Life by Kate Beavis

Vintage Styling Tips: Reclaimed Materials

Reclaimed materials are the perfect choice of any vintage lover.  Green, sustainable and often quirky to look at they can also save you a lot of money.  Whether you use them in the construction of your home or look for furniture and design made from up-cycled pieces. One of the easiest ways to use reclaimed […]

Marks and Spencer vintage retro inspired clothing on Kate Beavis blog

Marks and Spencer’s 1960s Vintage Revival

It feels like everyone is embracing the 1960s right now. When I heard that Marks and Spencer had a 1960s Revival range I rushed online to check it out. There are some great key pieces that have the vibe, but you do need to search for them. On my phone I found the collection really […]

Art Deco book by Eric Knowles reviewed by Kate Beavis

Art Deco by Eric Knowles

Recently I received a new book through the post to review: Art Deco by Eric Knowles. To be honest, the Art Deco era is not the period I know the most about and had to research it fully for my own book, Style Your Modern Vintage Home. So having a glossy book that shares the […]

Vintage Styling Tips -Skulls wallpaper by Barbara Hulanicki - gothic fashion for halloween via Your Vintage Life by Kate Beavis

Vintage Styling Tips: Halloween Gothic

Halloween is nearly upon us.  A time of spooky stories, horror films, trick or treating and gothic style.  Gothic styling can look stunning in your home or as a fashion choice…you just need to know how.  In todays blog we look at 10 ways to do just that! Home: Black doesn’t need to be dark […]

Little Bird by Jools Oliver for Mothercare kids clothing by Kate Beavis

Children’s Vintage Style Clothing by Mothercare

Anyone who has young children and loves all things vintage will truly love the clothing called Little Bird Clothing. Designed by Jools Oliver for Mothercare, this children’s vintage range reminds me of the 1970s – the decade when I was a young child (showing my age huh?). The A/W range is bright and fun, filled […]

Vintage Styling Tips - autumn cosiness -fur throws via Your Vintage Life by Kate Beavis

Vintage Styling Tips: Autumn Cosiness

Cosy (noun).  Meanings 1)  Warmth and comfort.  2)  Friendliness; intimacy.  Autumn makes us want to be in our homes even more than we usually do.  Cosy textures such as chunky knits, faux fur, wood and layers of soft furnishings are key…follow these ideas and you wont want to emerge till Spring! Layer up a faux fur throw and […]

retro vintage 1980s brownies from Kate Beavis and Your Vintage Life

The Day We Went Viral

Last week we proved that the power of Facebook is far from dead. Many people have been moving away from it as a social medium for their business due to “not being seen by their followers”. This is something we have discussed in the past in our business blogs, and last week we threw this […]

Vintage fire 4

Vintage Styling Tips- Fabulous Fireplaces

So, come on, admit it.  Who put their heating on last week?  We did and we’re not ashamed to admit it!  As we head through October the weather has definitely become a lot colder and there’s no escaping it…Autumn is finally here.  As well as putting the central heating on and switching the duvets, there […]

vintage watch 1970s

Vintage Watches: A Timely Investment

In an age of mass-produced uniformity, vintage wristwatches are effortlessly eye-catching. Unique, antiquated, rare and possessed of a timeless elegance, they are starkly different to the large, crowingly metallic monstrosities that adorn the wrists of the rich and powerful, lewdly proclaiming their wealth to the world. Understated, demure and classic, they’re a subtle hint of […]

hooks 3

Vintage Styling Tips: Hooked on hooks

Ok, we admit it…we’ve got way too much stuff.  Any idea that will help organise, sort or just generally get stuff off the floor (or draped over beds, chairs, exercise bikes etc.) is music to our ears.  And if its got great vintage styling too?  Perfect!!! The hallway is one of the places to create a great hooked area.  […]


Vintage Styling Tips: Have Tile Style!

Why use tiles in your vintage loving home?  Well, first off, tiles last a really long time. Good tiles are hard-wearing and easy to maintain. They have a simplicity about them and are available in a huge choice of designs and textures.  Tiles are made from environmentally friendly materials and have a very low rate of replacement […]

Orla shoes 2

Orla Kiely’s vintage style shoes

Who out there loves a vintage shoe? But how hard is it to find them in your size especially those that are not worn down within an inch of their lives? There are more brands popping up designing great vintage style shoes such as Miss L Fire and Agnes and Norman but all are very […]

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