Vintage hair, Vidal and me

For someone who loves vintage clothing and jewellery, especially the 1950s, I have not embraced the hairstyle of this era. Don’t get me wrong it looks great on other people…victory rolls, short rollered fringes and curls…but to me it is just too much hard work.

Mummy Christmas’s bob 2008

I have never owned or used rollers. My hair is poker straight so even if it gets curled it drops out. I remember having a perm in the 80s..and after a week it had dropped so much that it looked like a poodle who gone out in the rain.

So for me the styles of the 1960s are where it is at. Bobbed, easy, straight……..

Mummy Christmas’s bob 2010 

Yesterday Vidal Sassoon died at the age of 84. He was the pioneer of this sleek hair fashion and particularly in the 60s introduced us to simple, boyish elfin crops and bob cuts which today are far from revolutionary. But then, they changed everything for the modern woman.


In the 50s she went to have her hair set a few times a week. The new  bob style meant young women weren’t slaves to the roller….they could wash and go!

Here are 3 of my favourite cuts by the greatest hairdresser/stylist of all time.

Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby


Mary Quant

Rest in Peace


I love

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