Our blue period

Mr YVL went on a great buying trip earlier this week. Amongst Panton style lamps, teak sideboards, industrial filing cabinets and vintage leather cases he bought 2 1960s Picasso prints.

I absolutely love them. I particularly love the painting of Picasso from the early 1900s called the blue period and have been fascinated by the forms and melancholy since I studied History of Art at A level….some 20 years ago!

Finding retro pictures that we both like is quite hard. I love a bit of kitsch don’t get me wrong (Check out our JH Lynchs here) but finding a picture that you actually love is not as easy as you think.

Well, I definitely love these. And what’s more, they are perfect for our lounge which is also stuck in a blue period. (Check out our lounge here)

The first is called “The Old Guitarist” and was painted in oil in 1903. A hunched man plays the instrument, almost looking broken with his slightly twisted limbs. He is playing in the streets of Barcelona, where coincidentally we were only a week ago.

It sits perfectly above the fireplace and has relegated Tina to the other end of the room. It is framed and sits behind glass.

The second is a smaller print called “Woman in a chemise” and was painted in 1905. This  is one of his last pictures in his blue period. It is of a lady he was having an affair with called Madeleine.

She looks nonchalantly to one side with a sheer chemise. It is quite haunting yet beautiful at the same time.

I am so happy with my new prints and there is no way they are going on the website!!!

Which prints adorn your walls? And do you actually love them?




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