Pretty Kitty’s Pretty Room

We have finished another room in our ongoing house renovation and this time it has been an opportunity to embrace my inner girliness. Yes, no retro here in our little girl Kitty’s bedroom.

Regular readers will know we are renovating our 1920s home which hasn’t had a makeover since the 1960s. Read all about it here.

So far we have completed the lounge, playroom, our bedroom and our son Herbie’s room. All have quite a retro vibe with pull down 60s lights, 70s Fisher Price toys and a tonne of art glass vases.

Kitty’s room, however definitely bucks this trend. Her room luckily didn’t have severe issues, no structural problems to speak of meaning it was relatively easy. When we first posted the wallpaper featured in all rooms well over a year ago here on the blog, you all told us how much you loved the duck egg swirls in our girl’s room.

So we kept it. We have a full feature wall and also the chimney breast. I didn’t want the latter but was told by Mr YVL that if we took it off most of the plaster would come too. So, to save time it was kept, but turns out I now love it.

We bought a metal flower mirror a few weeks back which is now hanging over the newly painted bedroom fireplace. We havent tiled the hearth yet but have chosen a crackled pale pink tile from Fired Earth.

The floor is painted cream as are all our rooms so far. We chose fabric letters to spell her name when she was born which match perfectly.


Naughty mummy that I am sold her vintage ottoman to a customer who wanted two….and now this has been replaced by another. This time one with 2 separate lids with florals in blues and purples which we reckon is better than the first.

I bought a lamp from a local antiques shop years ago, long before I met Mr YVL. It now sits in Kitty’s room.

The chandelier was bought from eBay and is modern! (shock horror) It originally came from The Pier.


Kitty loves her “babies”…all her vintage dolls.They sit in a wooden crib, an old metal pram and  a high chair. These are famous dolls having been featured in Vintage Life magazine (read about it here).

Along side them is Paddington and a needle cord elephant both from my late Great Aunts home.

The rag doll was also hers. She matches the wallpaper perfectly.

Beside her cot is an old windsor chair in miniature. It was probably a nursing chair and is where Custard the cat sits.

Pegasus the 1970s rocking horse is probably the only retro thing here!

She has cute hooks for her things…these came from New York when  I travelled there for work about 8 years ago. The K hook was supposed to be for me….now it’s for my daughter!

Let us know what you think. I was told it’s “hardly a little girls room” (as it’s not bright pink). To me it’s perfect and a room she can grow into.


The most important thing is Kitty loves it. We found her the day after sitting at the table having laid out a tea party for Paddington and elephant. If she’s happy, well then so are we!



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