6 Tips For Creating Vintage Flower Arrangements In Your Home

Incorporating flowers into your home is said to bring numerous benefits for your interior design and as well as your health. Blooms can effortlessly add freshness and create a beautiful atmosphere to your living space. Being surrounded by flowers can also uplift your mood and bring in happy and positive vibes. Thus, it’s not surprising that vintage flower arrangements and decorations have increasingly gained popularity over the recent years.  

With all the endless selection of flowers, you can see in different flower shops that vintage flower-themed arrangements stand out and have become recently in high demand. They’re often composed of spring flowers. Vintage-styled flowers are becoming more popular these and you can see them everywhere – parties, debuts, weddings, or even as a simple house decoration.  

Vintage flower arrangements have also become one of the personal favorites of most floral designers. The good news is, you can also create your own vintage flower arrangement for your home or as a present for your loved ones. To get started, here are six tips to help you create beautiful vintage flower arrangements. 


6 Tips To Create Vintage Flower Arrangements



Choose Your Flowers


Before getting started with your vintage flower arrangement, you need to shop and choose the flowers which you’ll be using for the theme first. You can visit Bouqs.com and other flower shops online. Then, be sure to check their wide collection of wholesale flowers and shop some of your personal favorites. Since you’re creating a vintage-themed floral arrangement, you’ll need to focus on spring flowers.  

You may also jump to other types of flowers but ensure they still fit within the theme. For your guide, here’s a list of blooms to make it easier for you to mix and match them, depending on how you’re going to use them for decoration. 

Everyday flower decoration: Best for home design or as present 

  • Carnations, 
  • Lilies,
  • Hydrangea, and
  • Lavender. 

Luxury flower decoration: Best for vintage-themed weddings 

  • Astrantia, 
  • Snowberries, 
  • Viburnum, and 
  • Chincherinchee. 

Wholesale flower decoration: Best for floral bouquet arrangements or table decor 

  • Dahlia,
  • Cherry blossoms,  
  • Lotus, and
  • Protea. 

Keep in mind that these flowers differ in color, texture, and as well as price. You can choose the ones which best suit your personal style and budget. Aside from their colour, it’s also essential that you consider the flowers’ seasonal differences. For instance, in looking to create a summer vintage flower arrangement, it may be best to use smaller yet vibrant types of flowers. If you want to go for a spring-styled vintage floral arrangement, it may be best to use more green foliage. 


6 Tips To Create Vintage Flower Arrangements



Pick A Suitable And Well-Designed Vase


Your choice of vase can also affect the overall look of your flower arrangement. Most floral shops also offer their own line of flower vases in different sizes and shapes. If you’re creating a bulky floral arrangement with larger flowers, using oval-shaped or round-shaped vases may suit them better. If you’re creating a smaller arrangement with smaller flowers, it’s best to go for smaller vases but with stylish designs. You can of course go vintage and source old designs from car boot sales, charity and vintage shops.



You Can Go DIY For Your Flower Vase


To keep your floral arrangement more vintage-styled, you can always opt to do things on your own. Many homeowners find more freedom with their style when they choose to engage in different DIY or do-it-yourself projects like making a personalized vase. 

You can utilize your old glass bottles, used teapots, old wooden boxes, plastic buckets, vintage-looking teacups and other dinnerware, or even go as far as creating pressed flower in picture frames. When it comes to creativity, the sky’s said to be the only limit. 


6 Tips To Create Vintage Flower Arrangements


Create Perfect Flower Combinations 


Now comes the fun part. Your flower combinations will determine which look you are rooting for. For instance, the combination of roses, snowberries, bulky clove carnations, viburnum, astilbe, and mints will look best for a bohemian-vintage arrangement. 

For a relaxed meadow-vintage look, combine flowers of snapdragons, ivy trails, thistles, guelder rose, avalanche roses, and snowberries. Channel your inner creativity and imagination to achieve that desired vintage floral arrangement. 



6 Tips To Create Vintage Flower Arrangements

Decorate With Ribbons Or Strings


For the finishing touches, decorate your floral combinations with ribbons or strings to keep them together. Go for pastel or pale neutral colors of ribbons to add effect to the whole vintage look. If you’re using flowers with bigger and stronger stems, you may need floral wires and tapes to keep them attached. You can shop for floral decorations and supplies at any floral shop near you.  



Choose The Perfect Display Location


Now that you’ve put everything together, it’s time to put your vintage floral arrangement on display. Your chosen display location is also an essential factor to keep your flowers’ vintage look intact and impactful. Some of the best location ideas to show off your vintage flowers may include your window sill, coffee tables, bedside tables, dining area, kitchen countertops, and even outdoors in your patio. 


Now that you have these useful tips in mind, you can start creating your own vintage flower arrangements. Overall, this activity is very easy, and your finished product will be an excellent piece of decoration to give your home’s design an uplift and soothing vibe.  


6 Tips To Create Vintage Flower Arrangements




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