Sofa Design Trends for 2022/2023 And Which To Buy

Did you know that a mid-century modern sofa is the 5th most searched for sofa style, with the Chesterfield sofa still being the most popular? I was actually surprised when the team at Furniture Village shared some stats with me recently. Of course, we are mid-century fans here so we’re pleased that while this design is only 5th in searches, the increase in searches for this style is up by a huge 112% from 2019 to 2021. This got me wondering about which sofa styles are more popular and which are least popular and what this says about us as a population.



Firstly here is the data:


  1. Chesterfield sofa with a 38% increase in searches
  2. Chaise lounge with a 44% increase in searches
  3. Sectional sofa with a 121% increase in searches
  4. Knole sofa with a 57% increase in searches
  5. Mid-century modern sofa with a 112% increase in searches
  6. Camelback sofa with a 58% increase in searches
  7. Tuxedo sofa with a 57% increase in searches
  8. English roll arm sofa with a 163% increase in searches
  9. Lawson sofa with a 247% increase in searches
  10. Cabriole sofa with a 98% increase in searches


And if you like me, are not sure what half of these are – here’s a handy picture!

Sofa Design Trends for 2022/2023 And Which To Buy


Design trends

What I can see from these stats is we are loving sofas influenced by the mid-20th century. The English rolled arm sofa was super popular in the 1980s and has been shunned of late but let’s face it – it is a super comfy sofa. And looks great with the current maximal interior trend.

The Lawson reminds me of Mad Men and the late 1950s which works with a modern minimal home. And of course, the mid-century modern sofa design takes us from the 1950s through to the early 1970s; a trend that has been growing over the last ten years.


If you want a design-led sofa consider the look of your whole space. A maximal lounge calls out for a sofa of the same style (maybe with a pattern fabric too) and a minimal mid-century space works perfectly with a 1960s-style sofa. This is particularly important for cushions and throws – the English rolled sofa looks great with many cushions in various colours and textiles, but a more minimal design wants just one of two simple cushions.


Comfort wins

As we have spent more time at home due to the pandemic we have wanted to either focus on design trends as above or creating a comfortable space. The English rolled arm fits this perfectly but also the sectional sofa with its corner shape so we can lie out and relax. Let’s face it – a Chesterfield or chaise lounge looks regal and glamorous but they aren’t that comfortable, right?

If you want a comfortable sofa make sure you actually sit on it before you buy it! You may fall in love with a style that you’ve seen on Instagram or Pinterest but do take the time to try it out before you buy.



Whichever style you choose, a sofa is an investment that you want to love but also wants to last. Here are more tips for buying your perfect sofa:


  • Measure your space properly and also your doors. You will need to get the sofa inside and potentially upstairs too.
  • Consider the weight of the sofa for delivery too – you may well need to get it inside yourself!
  • Consider the material and whether it can easily be washed. I have a velvet sofa and two dogs so believe me – this matters! Leather often is better if you have kids or animals as it can be easily wiped down.
  • Do you want comfort or a design-led piece that looks better than is comfy? If the sofa is in the bedroom, comfort may not be a high priority.
  • Consider the colour wisely. You may love orange like me, but ask yourself whether you will change your mind in a year’s time.


Sofa Design Trends for 2022/2023 And Which To Buy



This is a collaborative piece.





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