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In todays vintage nostalgia blog read all of Your Vintage Life’s  ‘Do you Remember’ posts from this week.  As ever, we had fun sharing and you had fun commenting!  So, what do you remember vintage lovers…?

We loved Fingerbobs as part of BBC1’s Watch with Mother. It was gentle and simple and perfect telly for younger children.  There was a mouse, a seagull, a tortoise and even some scampi!  It only ran for a year and only had 13 episodes but somehow it became part of a 70’s childhood.


Who remembers when Starbursts were Opal fruits and Snickers were Marathons?  Many of you remembered not being happy when the name was changed to fit in with the rest of Europe…We still kept eating them though!!!


We loved to roller skate using these back in the day especially as you all remembered being outdoor a lot more than kids are now. Tales of sprained ankles and practising on carpet and grass (cheating we say!) and a popular Christmas present through the late 70’s early 80’s.  Replaced by much cooler roller boots in the 80’s these soon sadly got consigned to the back to the cupboard though.


Were you lucky enough to have a Sindy caravan?  Good old Sindy kept things simple with her car, caravan, horse and camping gear…much less flash than Barbies pink motor home!  She was a unfussy, outdoors girl and we loved her for it.  We still love the Sindy doll, her look and her very British lifestyle.10154209_723502691003155_14170635_n

Forget your fancy macaroons, remember when your party table was filled with iced gems and party rings? To be honest a lot of us have never stopped eating them!  Super yummy and a great excuse to throw a kids party – a British institution.  Did you know Iced Gems have been around since 1910???


We all wore jelly shoes in the 1980s. These started as beachwear but soon became a summer fashion staple.  Cheap and cheerful you could match them to your jelly basket bag…although they did make your feet sweat and rubbed if you wore them too long!



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