Our Fabulous Five: Remembering Nirvana & Kurt Cobain

Today sadly marks the 20 year anniversary of the discovery of Kurt Cobain’s death.  We at Your Vintage Life were HUGE grunge fans back in the day and cant believe its been 20 years!  Two decades may of passed, but his legacy as a performer, activist and teen anti-hero lives on.  So, todays blog shows five (actually six) vintage shopping online buys that remember Kurt, Nirvana and the great time in the 90’s that was grunge.

Kurt Donald Cobain (February 20, 1967 – c. April 5, 1994) was the lead singer, guitarist and primary songwriter of the grunge band Nirvana. Cobain formed Nirvana in 1985 and established it as part of the Seattle music scene, having much success throughout the early 90’s.  During the last years of his life, Cobain struggled with heroin addiction, illness and depression and had difficulty coping with his fame.  On April 8, 1994, Cobain was found dead at his home in Seattle, the victim of what was officially ruled a suicide by a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head leaving a wife and daughter. Since their debut, Nirvana, with Cobain as a songwriter, has sold over 25 million albums in the US, and over 75 million worldwide.

1.  Music memorabilia is always a great vintage buy but can be expensive.  We love this framed vintage gold disc and record sleeve featuring a reproduction of Kurt Cobain’s original hand-written lyrics of Smells Like Teen Spirit.   A great piece of recent music history.

Ebay gold disc in frame via fabcoolstuff.ltd

Ebay gold disc in frame via fabcoolstuff.ltd

2.  For a really cool collectable how about pretending you were with the band?  This 1991 laminate backstage pass is from the Nevermind tour.  We love the fact the identification photo is supposed to go where the head of the swimming baby is…very funny.

Original Nirvana backstage pass from wolfgangsvault.com

Original Nirvana backstage pass from wolfgangsvault.com

Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more arty an original tour poster is a great way to add vintage art to your walls.

Original Nirvana 1993 poster from wolfgangsvault.com

Original Nirvana 1993 poster from wolfgangsvault.com

3.  If you were a teenager in the early 90’s odds are you would of embraced Grunge fashion (we did!).  Lots of elements of this trend have recently started to re-emerge on the catwalk and a lot never went away – beanies, converse, ripped jeans, lumberjack shirts.  Dungarees are back for summer 2014 – how about a great 90’s vintage pair?


Beyond Retro 90’s vintage dungarees

4.  Seattle was the place where grunge started and a melting pop for bands such as Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains in the 1990’s.  What about framing a vintage 1930’s map of the city?  We think it looks great – the grid systems are just amazing.

Etsy 1930's map of Seattle via PastOnPaper

Etsy 1930’s map of Seattle via PastOnPaper

5.  Buy some vintage music…some really great music!  This handwritten list was Kurt’s top 50 albums – how many do you have?  Look for vintage LP’s via eBay or fairs or download some classics right now via iTunes.  Money spent on a song will give you pleasure forever…


So, in memory of Kurt and his legacy, today listen to a classic bit of Nirvana, turn it up loud and rock out!!!



Written by Sarah Gorlov

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