Five Reasons Why Going Sober And Quitting Alcohol Will Change Your Life For The Better

Back in 2014 I tried Dry January, feeling that not only had I drunk too much wine over Christmas, but I in fact drank too much wine all the time. Every night I would enjoy a glass or three, once the kids had gone to bed, partly as a reward but also to help me relax. I managed to be sober for the whole 31 days and in fact continued into February, feeling better about myself in many ways. But the call of the grape lured me back midway through the second month and I quickly returned to my evening drinking.


Fast forward to January 2015 and once again I decided to give Dry January a go, remembering all the positive feelings felt a year earlier. This time I remembered how I fell off the wagon in mid-February so secretly planned to try for a year. It has now been 8 years and I have no intentions to drink alcohol again.


As January is here and so many of you are considering trying it, let me share 5 reasons why it is worth giving it a go. These reasons are the same for any time of the year by the way!


Five Reasons To Give Dry January A Go


Your health will improve and you will feel better

It apparently takes 2 days for all alcohol to leave your body so by January 3rd you will be sober. Be warned though, alcohol is full of sugar so expect some withdrawal symptoms about day 10. After this, you will start to have more energy which in return will mean you should move more which will help with your fitness levels. Extra movement means you will ache less which in return will make you want to move more – win, win. You will sleep better too, with proper sleep rather than comatose sleep, meaning you will feel better in the morning. It also will help with any peri-menopause symptoms you may have.



You will look better

So, you will feel better on the inside but this will start to become visible on the outside too. Your skin will improve, your hair will be shinier and you will probably lose some weight (that may well be wanted). This in return will give a boost to your confidence which everyone will start to see pretty quickly. You may think that you won’t be able to go for a night out if you don’t drink, but you will want to show off the new look I promise you. This in return will make you feel happier.


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You will save money

I now save a whopping £1600 a year by not drinking and this doesn’t include the money saved on taxis. Depending on how much you drink now, put aside the money you have saved by doing Dry January and reward yourself at the end with something that continues to help your well-being such as a massage or going for a day out with family.



You will start to achieve more

By giving up alcohol even for a short amount of time, you will start to fill the time with things that you have been meaning to do for ages. That may be clearing out the cupboards, starting that yoga class or having more chats with your friends; whatever it is, having more space in your life and mind will result in more hobbies, and maybe having better time to reflect on what it is you want to achieve in your life or career. Enjoy this time and try to continue with it once February comes.


You will have better clarity

This is the big one for me and the reason I don’t want to ever drink again. My mind is not fuzzy anymore and is now clear about what I want from my life and how to get it. My output is better, I know what holds me back and how to overcome problems. I surround myself with positive people (negative drunk people are a real turn off) whom I really want to be with. My life is truly better for being sober, and yours will be too, even if it is for one month.


It won’t be easy but it will be worth it. I promise.


Five Reasons Why Going Sober And Quitting Alcohol Will Change Your Life For The Better


I wrote this originally for Huffington Post.


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