How To Create A Mid Century Living Room On A Budget

If your taste runs to vintage or retro you will probably already know how the cost of creating an entire room with a Mid Century vibe can add up. Especially if you opt for genuine vintage pieces such as an Eames chair for example. However, don’t let this fact put you off realising your retro vision for your Mid Century living room because there is a far cheaper way to do things. Just keep reading to find out how. 


Buy a modern sofa in a vintage style


One of the most important items in any living room is the sofa. It needs to be comfortable enough to be the place that the whole family wants to hang out in the evenings but also look the part as well. 


The good news is that many contemporary, and reasonably priced sofa retailers have cottoned on to the fact that Mid Century design is popular and here to stay. What this means is such retailers are including Mid Century inspired pieces in their modern collections! Yippee! 


Of course, there are a whole host of benefits that come along with these modern sofas including their pristine condition (unlike most genuine articles that have been in use for decades). They are built to modern design and safety standards too, making them more comfortable, long-lasting, and healthier to have in the home. 


Oh, and when it comes to the price, do remember that there are ways to pay less. One of these is to wait until the retailer you are looking to buy from has a sale on. Sometimes if you’re super lucky you can even find an added discount like the ones from Net Voucher Codes that will give you even more off. Thereby allowing you to get the perfect sofa for your Mid Century living room, for less! 


Here is my modern retro sofa!


Mid Century Lounge Living Room


Grab some Ikea bargains


Now, you are probably familiar with Ikea, and its wealth of flat pack options. Yet, what you may not know is it was founded in 1943, so the very first items to grace are stored were automatically Mid Century! The good news is that Ikea often sells remakes of these older items that maintain that perfect retro vibe. They are incredibly well priced too compared to similar pieces that you can find in contemporary design stores. 


In particular, be sure to check out their LÖVBACKEN side table in a perfect mid-brown veneer grain. It’s shaped like a leaf with three metallic capped pin legs too and looks a treat in any Mid Century styled room. 


Then there are the gorgeous wood-framed EKENÄSET armchairs which come in a range of colors including grey, black leather, and mustard and teal velvet. The latter providing some wonderful opulence, while still staying true to a Mid Century colour scheme. 



Use vintage patterns to create texture and interest


Next, a smart and low-cost tactic for creating a Mid Century living room on a budget is to make use of vintage fabrics. Of course, you can use the real thing, and there are still bargains to be had online in the form of retro curtains and bedding. The latter can be repurposed as fabric for cushions and throws. 

Indeed, some of these items are still in their original packaging and have never been used. Although, bargain items with a little wear on them are much more likely to go for a song. The best way to snag fabrics with vintage patterns in this manner is to set up an alert on your phone, as they tend to sell very quickly as soon as they are listed. 


Another alternative to consider is using modern fabrics with a vintage design. The good news is that this is not half as hard as it sounds, because there are a wealth of retro patterned items to choose from.


Some of the best places to buy these items are Etsy and independent design stores. However, another great hack is to use online fabric stores like Redbubble where creators upload their own designs, many of which are vintage style. These online retailers also frequently have sales, so if you time it right you can get a significant amount off the original price. 


A note for creatives 



As well as buying other people’s designs you can use sites like Redbubble, Zazzle, and Spoonflower to apply a vintage pattern of your own design to fabric and other household items. Which for the creative among us can be so much fun and add a particularly personalised element to our retro room! 


Framed posters for nearly nothing


Want great vintage art for your walls? Then you need to take advantage of the wonderful posters and wrapping paper that is now on the market. In particular, Cavallini Papers & Co do some wonderful prints on archival paper that are very reasonably priced. All you need to do is add a cheap frame and you’re sorted. 



Create your own finishing touches


Last of all, if you have been designing your perfect Mid Century living room, remember you can create your own ornaments and decor items for a fraction of the cost that a shop would charge. Indeed, there are many options to consider here. The first is investing in an affordable canvas and some cheap threads and nails and making your own string art, something you can find some guidance on how to do in the video below. 



Then there is the gorgeous starburst frame that I made with dowels and gold spray paint. Also while you have the paint out, spraying old ornaments (ones that are past their prime) picked up from jumble sales and charity shops can be a wonderful way to get used to retro shapes in your space, while also giving them an updated and more cohesive look. 



It truly is possible to create a Mid Century living room in your home, on a budget. Whether you choose originals, modern versions or make/upcycle – the retro look will look great!


How To Create A Mid Century Living Room On A Budget



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