Get this year’s Met Gala look with a vintage twist (without the hefty price tag!)

Who here avidly watches the Met Gala in USA – looking out for your favourite looks on your favourite stars? This year didn’t disappoint did it? No look was too bold for the biggest fashion event of the year. This is the one red carpet (or pink) occasion you didn’t want to miss! For people who love fashion it is a chance to predict what the A list celebrities will wear as they collaborate with some of the world’s most established fashion designers to tie in with the chosen theme of the exhibition on show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. And adhering to this year’s theme – ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’ no look was too daring, in fact the bolder the better!

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With this iconic event setting the tone for the rest of the year’s fashion looks, no look can be considered too flamboyant. I’ve put together this Met Gala guide on some looks you can create yourself to showcase your own sass and style this season! I’m talking sheer clothing, frilled blouses, heeled boots and lots of pink!

Sheer material and lots of frills

One of the most talked about outfits (and one of my favourites) was Harry Styles’ sheer frilled black blouse and high waisted trousers. More of a subtle camp look where 1980s New Romantism meets Victoriana fashion. You can’t beat the understated ‘little black dress’ for a night out with friends but switch it up this season with high-waisted, figure hugging black tailored trousers or faux-leather leggings, team with a sheer vintage black blouse and heeled boots and you have the perfect monochrome Met look of your own! Try layering your sheer tops with lace bralettes and vintage costume jewellery for extra glam!

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Shine bright like a diamond

Whether you opt for a more understated gem and keep your embellishment to a minimum or you decide to dress yourself head to toe in diamonds (nails included like Kim K), I’ve got you covered. Who said 1970s sequins were only for Christmas party season? This summer, no dress will be complete without a little shimmer and sparkle and hey, us vintage fans love a bit of sparkle. If you don’t want to completely step outside of your comfort zone, then meet it halfway and try some bright metallic glittery shoes or a bold coloured bag to complete your outfit. Oh and just look at this capelet!

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Bold and bright colours

So, which colours do you have in mind for this season? Think 1980s PINK like Lada GaGa did! It is Met Gala camp after all. No colour is too bold at the moment whether it be neon yellow, orange or Barbie pink. Men are encouraged to join in with this fashion statement too, pink shirts, red ties and tight fitting trousers are a must if you have an event coming up! Match your trendsetting partner girls with a baby pink vintage sequin dress and all the diamonds you can find!

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I appreciate you may not want to rock a chandelier down the high street like Miss Perry but try some more subtle options such as turbans or embellished headbands. Adding a headpiece or headdress to your outfit is a great way to include some personality into your look, you could even make your own by revamping an old head band or hair clips!

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High heels and snazzy sandals

No heels are too ‘out there’ at the minute, so you may be putting the barely there’s on the back burner for a while. Try some patent heeled boots or embellished silver sandals. Keep the colours neutral so they will match many outfits but mix up textures and styles to really make a statement! I have found some great options available at Uppersole without the price tag of the excessive Gala.

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I hope you enjoy creating your own camp Met Gala looks, now lay out the pink carpet and strut your style to inspire others to do the same!

This is a collaborative post with Uppersole.


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