3 internal doors to choose when renovating your modern vintage home

Every year, around spring time, families across the world may feel the urge to redecorate their homes or even renovate them, I know I do (my to do list is huge!). Spring cleaning often comes along with a desire to change things at home, and one way to do that is by renovating the doors. Replacing the doors in your house can be a cost-effective way of changing the entire look of the interior of your home without having to change every single thing about it.  

This work even if have a tight budget and whatever your style. Here are three internal doors that you can buy if you want to renovate your home that look great: 


Pine doors

Pine doors are a blank canvas door that allow you to do whatever you want with them and are also very cost effective. They come in all sorts of sizes and designs and are extremely versatile as well. Their design is often very traditional, but with a coat of paint you can create a look that matches your room. I love to paint them white – my husband likes them to stay natural! These work well in older properties especially if you love a pretty vintage look and are often cheaper than originals.

Internal glazed doors

Glazed doors are the most exciting and interesting doors for a modern home. Adding natural light within the house, especially more modern homes with less closed off areas of the house, is extremely important because it allows smaller homes to appear larger, becomes an energy saver in the long run, and also makes the home a lot more open and inviting. Internal glazed doors make the entire home seem like one unit, and they allow the homeowner to make the whole space look and feel more cosy and welcoming.  


Flush Internal Doors

Flush internal doors are a safe and reliable option due to their longevity, resilience to harsh conditions and wear, and simplicity of design and style. They can come in different woods and styles, and they are incredibly affordable. For that very reason, they are one of the best door options for people interested in renovating their homes. The reason they work the best for the interior of the house is that they can be used in all sorts of home interiors without interfering with any themes or designs. Additionally, they can be customised and painted on if the homeowner wishes for them to blend into the surroundings even more. They require little to no maintenance and can last a long time as well.  


Choosing internal doors to revamp and renovate your entire home is a great way to add a new feel to the space, one that can be in keeping with your decor and design. Often companies have other styles to choose from such as 1930s doors and other period reproduction designs.

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