How to create a relaxed, boho, vintage garden party

This month it is my daughter’s birthday with mine close behind and every year, I plan (in my head) a garden party for friends and family. It mainly does not happen due to it being in the summer holidays; every summer baby will know that this means your friends are away so any gathering is usually smaller than if you were born in term time! This year though is different and I want to create my own vintage garden party space in our lovely garden – weather permitting of course.

Here are some of my ideas for a vintage garden party for her and more of a relaxed, boho vibe for me.

The Tent

Just in case it rains, it is a great idea to get a marque or gazebo such as this airwave gazebo. This can then be styled with hanging ribbons, or material draped inside. Adding foliage dropped from the poles will add to that boho vibe – remember a gazebo can look pretty or cool as it is all in the styling.

How to create a relaxed, boho, vintage garden party

Styling The White Emporium Photo Credit – Thyme Lane Photography

The Styling

For the outside space add rugs, bean bags, throws and loads of cushions for a relaxed feel. Pile up a few pallets to create a coffee table on the grass to add all your cute vintage touches to – even one pallet will do the job for the kids. Or how about making a foot stool from a tyre – have a look at my DIY tutorial to create one.

How to create a relaxed, boho, vintage garden partyStyling The White Emporium  Photo CreditBecky Harley

I love adding bunches of hand picked flowers to vintage tins of varying sizes to make it pretty (I would do this for my daughter’s party too) and candles in simple jam jars. The trick is to keep it simple.

The Little Details

Why not create some fun outdoor games to play? An easy idea is to pile up tin cans with their labels removed on a wall or straw bales to give a garden fete feel at a super low cost. Scour the charity shops and car boot sales for retro board games and leave out on the tables (we did that at our wedding to amuse the guests, plus the packaging is often fun and bright).

Write a fun message on an A Frame- if you don’t have one, paint on an old piece of wood and stand up against a tree or drill two holes and hang it.

Leave old picture frames lying around to use a selfie wall/photo booth so people can take each other’s photos.

How to create a relaxed, boho, vintage garden party

Styling The White Emporium Photo by Cat Lane Weddings

The Tableware

We have large Kilner drinks dispensers from our wedding that come out at parties – one filled with Pimms and the other with a soft drink. Collect jam jars to drink them from rather than buying plastic cups and add paper straws. Place nibbles in vintage bowls, ice cream served in china teacups – use what you have to create a mismatched look.

Let’s face it, all you need is good food and drink, a bit of sunshine and your besties to make it a fab day – but I do like to add a twist to the styling and a vintage garden party works so well.

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How to create a relaxed, boho, vintage garden party




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