A-Z Of Menopause: How To Deal With Constipation


Welcome to the A-Z of Menopause, This is C for Constipation.



How To Deal With Constipation


Let’s talk about a symptom that not many people talk about, poo.


Constipation is a prevalent perimenopause symptom, particularly in the early stages, but it also happens to stick around for many years after menopause too.


The drop in hormones affects your digestive tract, but also estrogen levels help to keep your cortisol levels low.


So as your estrogen drops, your cortisol levels rise. Which slows down the digestive process.


But low progesterone affects your colon, so basically, it’s all going on.


So what can you do to help?


Here’s what you can do, (this doesn’t always work for everybody),


  • Firstly review your lifestyle, make sure you’re eating a healthy diet, you’re having lots of fruit and veg but also lots of fiber,
  • Drink lots of water,
  • move more and exercise regularly.


Lifestyle changes can help with most perimenopause symptoms, but for many many women, they need more help than just a better diet.


I spoke to my doctor who helped me with the constipation part of menopause by reviewing my hormones, I was put on the marina coil and I was eventually given HRT.


This has helped loads.


I also add flaxseeds into my porridge and into my smoothie which helps me keep regular too.


The most important thing you can do if you’re struggling is to talk to somebody, talk to your partner, talk to your friend, talk to a doctor, talk to a menopause specialist, talk to someone.


And if you’ve got no one to talk to, have a look at the link in my TikTok bio for my community, because that can help you too.


It’s called Bossing Midlife.


If you are struggling with menopause, please visit your doctor to get help and support.


A-Z Of Menopause: How To Deal With Constipation


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