Making Vintage Your Business: VintageBizClub

This week we have launched the next phase for Vintage Academy. We have loved running our one day events (and these will continue…next date to be revealed this week) but have had lots of you asking for us to come further afield, even Australia. While we would LOVE to fly around the world, we put our thinking caps on to come up with a way we could deliver Vintage Academy without us having to leave our home towns. And also a way you could come to us without leaving your home town…..

That’s why we have launched VintageBizClub.

vintage biz club shield

What is VintageBizClub we hear you ask!

VintageBizClub is here to inspire you, to advise you, to motivate you, all year round. It is a year long club broken into 4 terms of 12 weeks that covers all (and more) that your would learn at our one day events.


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