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In todays blog find all Your Vintage Life’s ‘Do you Remember’ nostalgia posts from Facebook this week.  So, what do you remember…?

Before Google had been invented we searched for the weather, the news, found out what was on TV, even booked holidays through Teletext.  If you were on BBC you got Ceefax…pretty much the same and this was long before the red button!


Remember when you rented your telly?  We went to Rumbelows to buy pretty much every electrical item you can think of.  With all the online shopping we now do many of you missed the personal touch when you could go in, speak to a salesman and find the best product for you…


You all remembered when teen fave Zammo ‘Chased the dragon and got a smack in the face’ (great youth code Grange Hill!!!)  Our favourite Grange Hill’er along with his very pretty girlfriend Jackie, the episode where he became a junkie in the changing rooms in Grange Hill was revolutionary stuff and while all our parents freaked out we loved a show that didn’t talk down to us and dealt with real issues.  10004007_711948718825219_1315469793_n

We all rushed home from school to watch Neighbours in the 1980s – in fact the BBC had had to start showing it on repeat to stop kids bunking off at lunchtime!   We loved soap villain (well, grumpy old lady) Mrs Mangle….in fact some of you still refer to a nosey person as a “Mrs Mangle” now! 1979471_711949262158498_1450600176_n

Button Moon – it was so simple, yet strangely funny and lovely… All together now – “We’ve been to Button Moon, we’ve followed Mr Spoon!”.  In the 90’s it became a strange cult view for rave kids too.  Oh, and that rocket ship doesn’t look at all like a certain brand of baked beans at all…5519_711951345491623_965583630_n

Who cheered on Bucks Fizz at the Eurovision Song Contest in the early 80s? Primary coloured fashion, tearing your skirt off, flicked hair….hey what’s not to love!  And they won – YAY!!!10001559_711951882158236_1197259910_n

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