Our Fabulous Five: Disguise your technology the vintage way

Technology – we cant escape it.  Whether its a TV, a smartphone, tablet or charger there’s certain things that we need in the modern world.  But how can all this tech fit into a vintage loving home without it standing out and why should we have to choose between the modern and the vintage?  In todays blog we show you some modern day ideas to create a vintage disguise for your gadgets.  All available online now.

1.  Hide all those gadgets, cables, chargers and memory cards away with a set of secret book boxes.  Placed on a shelf no-one will ever know…plus there a good security measure too!


Not on the High St set of 3 secret book boxes by Dibor


2. How about a cool dock/speaker system for your Ipad with this ION jukebox dock?  This great retro looking dock has the feel of the fifties and the technology of today. Plug your Apple device into the dock and you can pretend you’re in a fifties diner as you listen to your tunes. The trim around the front face lights up and changes colour for added effect.


ION jukebox ipad dock from superfi.co.uk


3. A TV takes up to lot of space in your lounge and there’s lots of ways to make it not stand out so much.  Use existing vintage furniture or look for a cabinet that will hide it such as this OKA hand painted one.  The Chinoiserie design extends around three sides of the hand made cabinet and also inside the doors so it looks just as good when open.


4.  A digital radio is a great addition to any vintage home and the Roberts Radio Revival range in its range of bright colours and patterns such as union jack, floral and dog print is just perfect.  Get state of the art DAB technology but with gorgeous retro styling – we just love the red.  You get RDS station name display, a stereo line in socket for iPod/MP3 playback, headphone socket and to top it all its portable!

John Lewis Roberts Revival DAB radio

John Lewis Roberts Revival DAB radio


5.  Come on, lets be honest – we try but we cant give without our smartphones!  Make yours look like a blast from the past with this fantastic vintage camera phone cover via Crank at Not on the High Street.  Find tape cassettes, calculators and retro gaming designs there too.


Vintage camera iphone case via Crank at Not on the High Street

Written by Sarah Gorlov

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