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Did you see Your Vintage Life’s ‘Do you Remember’ posts on Facebook this week?  In today’s blog we bring them all together for a massive nostalgic memory fest!

Who remembers climbing frames looking like this? Unbelievable really…health and safety wasn’t a worry then and as kids we loved it!  You remembered them in playgrounds and at school – and being on them in all weathers.


We all loved this song back in the 1980s.  Plus we loved the Bananarama girls too in their dungarees, with floppy unkempt hair – they were cool and fun and definitely didn’t have a plastic fake look…they were girls we could relate too.  Such a shame there aren’t many girl bands like this now…


Playing with the Fisher Price camper van – the boat came off the roof, the motor bike sat on the back and the people bobbed up and down in the front…and we loved it!  You remembered lots of other Fisher Price classics too – they really were a wonderful brand in the 70’s and 80’s…1779307_711943345492423_2105695348_n

Come on now, admit it, who had a puff-ball skirt or dress in the late 1980s?  We had a great one from Snob (after begging our parents for a very long time) and thought we were so fashionable and grown up.1779042_711953432158081_1131428931_n

Who else love watching The Jetson’s in the 70s? Made in the 60s it depicted a family 100 years in the future but with great 50s/60s styling. If you love retro you’ll love George, Jane, Judy, Ellroy and Astro the dogs style!


Did you learn to use a computer on one of these beasts?  We used BBC computers at school and dreamed of an Apple Mac.  If you had a computer at home you was very lucky (and rich!)They seemed so modern bearing in mind before that there had been a whole room required for the servers…laptops, tablets and smart phones were stuff of make-believe back then!


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